4X better than colostrum, how? - gut health, detox, heavy metals

You can literally quantify how much better Cleanse is than the industry-leading colostrum.

Colostrum is good because it is filled with immunoglobulins (a protein). It is nutrient dense. For example, colostrum will have 25% IgG (immunoglobulin-G). ImmunoLin® contains 50% IgG. Now imagine you can double that dose of IgG just by using a product that has 50% more IgG in it, then you get 4X the dosing of the key active for cleaning up the gut.

Now, to be fair, colostrum is great. There is a ton of beneficial data in support of colostrum. True. I don't want to take away from colostrum. Nor do I want to say it isn't great. It is. I'm simply stating Cleanse may be (per the data) a better option.

Silver Fern™ is NOT a hype business. It is a science-supported business with extensive amounts of time and research committed to choosing ingredients before a product is released.

We find Cleanse to be extremely effective when taken at the right time for an individual in the cleanup process. Cleanse is a binder. It binds. For those with bad constipation, binding may exacerbate your constipation (we can help get your digestion going so that you can then move to using Cleanse). It is extremely difficult to beat Cleanse at what it does when cleaning up the gut. And it is not a laxative that will "flush" your system.

If you'd like info on Cleanse, DM us #Cleanse.

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And if you don't know where to start with gut health, DM us #Protocol. We'll help you out by asking you questions and providing a suggested starting point for your circumstances. Warning: We go aggressive and complete. Half efforts get half results.


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