Gut health and viruses - probiotics, immune system, rsv, cold and flu season

Cold and flu season (including RSV, Covid-19, etc) has hit really hard this last year.

And it's not over yet. We're still in the thick of it.

If you suddenly have these signs (and you are even on a protocol with Silver Fern™), is it a possibility you actually have a virus, not other gut issues? Yes.

Could a virus be what triggered your gut issues?
Definitely something to consider.

Do viruses mess up the health of the microbiome? Yes.

Does the microbiome, mucosal barrier, and gut barrier affect the immune system response to viruses? Yes.

If I used to even so much as get a common cold it would take me completely down for weeks. I had the worst man cold you could possibly imagine. It always turned into a sinus infection then pneumonia and/or bronchitis. This resulted in me needing antibiotics. This cycle happened every year for years (like 10 years).

Since cleaning up my gut 8 years ago, guess how many times I have needed antibiotics? 0

Since cleaning up my gut 8 years ago, guess how many times I have had a sinus infection? 0

This last fall when our 5 children were bouncing in and out of our home on a weekly basis staying home from school because they were sick, guess how many times I got sick? I am not sure because the only thing I ever notice anymore from colds and flus is being more tired, which I can also contribute to higher stress.

How do I know gut health works? Because I don't get sick like I used to.

People say to me that our protocols are expensive. But how expensive is it to have to buy all the cold OTC medicines, stay home from work, and shut off life for weeks on end when you are sick?

I choose better gut health.

This is not a Silver Fern™ product promotion post. This is a "Get Your Gut Health in Order Post." Great gut health is the less expensive option.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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