For loose stools and chronic diarrhea, we recommend immunoglobulins-IgG, IgA, IgM

Concentrated immunoglobulins are beneficial to gut health for a variety of reasons, but generally speaking, we think immunoglobulins are the best place to start for someone with loose stools and diarrhea.⁠
A person can take 10 grams a day. It can take between 2 to 4 weeks for diarrhea related issues to be reduced. But it works!⁠
Concentrated immunoglobulins also offer:⁠
✔️ Increases nutrient absorption⁠
✔️ “Bind with toxins in the gut”⁠
✔️ “Reducing inflammation-causing cytokines”⁠
✔️ “Support the immune system”⁠
✔️ “Reduce intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome)⁠
✔️ “Improve the balance of the gut flora”⁠
For people with autoimmune issues, this ingredient is also beneficial:⁠
“Research studies provide evidence that the diversity of immunoglobulins and proteins found in ImmunoLin® are safe and help improve digestive health and nutritional status by decreasing immune activation through mechanisms that involve antigen binding and strengthening gut barrier function.”⁠

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