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This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I am a foodie. I love my freedom to eat what I want without stomach issues, headaches, irritations, etc. I used to have all sorts of problems from food. My food problems were a combination of sensitivities and intolerances. I also had heartburn/reflux issues. I no longer have those issues.
So, what did I do to change all of that? For 6 months I:
▪️ Avoided foods that really hurt my stomach or that caused irritations to my throat and mouth (grains, bananas, walnuts, watermelon, carrots, etc.)
▪️ Took a double dose of Ultimate Probiotic for 6 months (4 capsules a day, 2 in the morning with breakfast and 2 with an early dinner)
▪️ Took 2 Digestive Enzymes before each meal
▪️ Intermittent fasting from about 7 am to 4 pm each day
▪️ Walked after dinner to help with the heartburn/reflux issues
After 6 months I slowly introduced foods back into my diet that had caused issues before. I still take Digestive Enzymes occasionally with larger meals. I take the Boost Kit each day (Ultimate Probiotic & Targeted Prebiotic) for my weight management goals. I no longer have food issues.
Some experience bad heartburn as a consequence of foods. Our dietitians have a specific plan for that
now (provided in the post). This is a very effective plan.
We have new enzymes for gluten, dairy, and FODMAPs that we didn’t have before for people with issues like gluten and FODMAPs. These also work very well. The need for Bloat & Gas Relief enzymes should go down over about 6 months as the probiotics help the gut out.
NOTE: Some are working very hard on their gut health. But occasionally they want to have cheat meals. I
love my cheat meals too. So, for those meals I suggest a person with bad food intolerances look at the Food Freedom Kit. That is our kit for people that are working on their gut health but that also need to live life with food and without pain. It works fantastic.
Lastly, please take the products correctly to see the benefits.


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