Do FODMAP foods cause you discomfort? - gut health, fructan, gluten intolerance, gas, bloating

here are fast "band-aid" helpers for digestive issues associated with SIBO and IBS and then there are long-term actions that should be taken.

When a person has a major imbalance (especially in the small intestine), you get a lot of fermentation of carbohydrates. This fermentation process can then result in a lot of discomforts.

The underlying issues are usually slow motility and major imbalances. And major bacterial imbalances are then linked to other imbalances (i.e., candida overgrowth). So, you really need a strong clean up.

FODMAP enzymes are a great way to help with immediate discomforts. Be mindful, 1 capsule is not enough coverage for a large meal. Generally speaking, if the carbohydrates are broken down completely before reaching the intestines then you have less fermentation and a lot less issues.

As for cleaning out the bad bacteria, most people love antibiotics. They are cheap, inexpensive, and fast. But they also run the risk of leading to more imbalances in the future and a return of the same problem later on.

You can find our FODMAP enzymes here.

You find our SIBO protocols here.

Personally speaking, I know a lot of people want quick, fast, easy, and inexpensive solutions. BUT if you have major imbalances PLEASE consider doing step 3 for the extended period of time. If you are going to address issues why not address them completely the first time? Just a friendly suggestion from someone that helps people all day long with SIBO and IBS issues. It does take time, but being free from these issues is huge!

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