Could your IBS really be SIBO? - gut health, immunoglobulins, probiotics, bloating, constipation

If you say you have IBS with bad bloating (frequent to chronic bloating), we assume you likely have SIBO too. Better to be safe than sorry!

If you say you have really bad bloating where you wake up with a flat stomach and end the day looking 6 months pregnant, we assume you have some form of SIBO (or SIFO) even if you don't test for it and even if someone tells you that you most likely only have IBS.

The science is suggesting more and more that SIBO is directly linked to IBS as a cause (not necessarily the only cause, but a cause).

If you are going to help with IBS issues you may find it most beneficial to do a protocol that will help with both IBS and SIBO issues.

When in doubt, please consider doing a complete gut health protocol. That very well may be the most effective way to help.

The research studies on the immunoglobulins for IBS/SIBO are solid and show a 75% success rate. Many find that when doing an 8 week protocol with high doses of immunoglobulins followed by combining roughly 2 grams of immunoglobulins (maintenance dosing) with the right probiotics like S. boulardii and spore forming strains for 4 to 6 months the outcomes are even better.

Remember that both SIBO and IBS are motility issues so starting with a really good motility protocol is important. Immunoglobulins are binders. If you load up on a high dose of a binder with slow motility you will become even more constipated and bloated. We strongly encourage adding on a non-laxative motility plan for the best possible outcome.

There is an order to everything in gut health. If you follow the right order, you are likely to see the best results.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit for our protocols. Want to know where to find immunoglobulins & spore forming probiotics? Check out our website!

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