Chronic stress isn't just mental, its physical too - gut health, stress, mental health, immune system

Look no further than stress to be the cause of getting sick this coming fall. Some suggest that 75- 90% of human health issues are related to stress. Surprising, right?

When you have chronic stress:
✅ your immune system is not strong
✅ you have poor digestion (blood is focused on muscles, not digestion)
✅ you have inflammation
✅ you lose your ability to recover from a cold/flu

How important is addressing stress to your immune system and health? It is a major top priority.

That's why Silver Fern™ Brand will be focused on stress with many of our future products. We will be starting the launch of these products this fall. We have been in constant research and testing for about 3 years now on stress products. It is time to provide some answers.

Do products alone fix everything? Nope. But when natural products that actually work for helping reduce cortisol and stress are part of exercise, better sleep, gut health efforts, and a healthy diet the immune system is given the chance to return to full health again.

We are very excited for what is coming. Are you?

If you have any questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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