Changing gut bacteria to change cravings - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, short-chain fatty acids

Ever feel like cravings are killing the success of a diet program or exercise program? 🙋🏻‍♂️That was me for 22 years.
The first thing Aicacia (our chief science officer) told me when she started to help me lose fat was that step one was to change what I craved. If anyone knows me well, they know I’m a foodie. Reprogramming my eating behaviors sounded as realistic as pigs flying. None the less, I followed her protocols and by the end of 120 days I had changed many of my cravings. By 12 months I had no desire to eat garbage anymore. Losing fat after that was easy.
How does this work with supplements?
🔹Clean the Gut Up: For 8 weeks (2 months), high dose the immunoglobulins.
🔹Build Up the Gut: For 6 months combine the immunoglobulins with the right probiotics.
🔹Build Out the Gut for Fat Loss: For 12 months combine the right probiotics with precision prebiotics to target Akkermansia, Prevotella, Short-Chain Fatty Acids, and help decrease the firmicutes/ Bacteroidetes ratio.
What lifestyle changes need to take place? Same as always:
• Try to add in more fruits and vegetables
• Exercise
• Sleep
• Eat a good sized, healthy breakfast
• Don’t eat late at night
I found a 95/5 eating model is amazing for me. For 95% of the time, I eat clean. For 5% of the time, I say “yes” and enjoy.
As always, if anyone is interested in a protocol, please let me know. All our big protocols to help with big issues already help address the causes for bad cravings.

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