Can baking soda help the root cause of your heartburn? - gut health, reflux

"Just mix baking soda, water, and honey together. That fixes heartburn and it's super inexpensive. Why go spend $75 per month on a protocol? That's just dumb!"

Is it?

What exactly is baking soda and water fixing? The short-term symptoms or the underlying issues?

Is baking soda addressing the causes of heartburn?
❌Inflammation of the stomach (gastritis)
❌H. pylori overgrowth issues
❌Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
❌The mucosal barrier's integrity

The truth is that baking soda and water aren't solving anything.

Is baking soda a viable long-term solution? 👎🏼Nope!

However, it can be a quick temporary help while you do other things to address the underlying issues.

What happens when you put a band-aid🩹 on a problem over and over again, year after year without addressing the problem? Will the issue get better or worse with reflux/heartburn?

Now what's more expensive?
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