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Boosting gut health increase neurotransmitter production, aiding in improving mental health - gut health, gut-brain axis, mental health, anxiety, depression, GABA, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin

Improving gut health is NOT only about resolving digestive discomforts, skin issues, allergies, and weight
problems. Gut health and mental health are also directly connected.
By improving gut health, mental health can also improve. Over 90% of serotonin comes from the gut. But what most people aren’t aware of is that the production of other neurotransmitters also takes place in the gut.
Let’s imagine someone is on depression medications to help resolve depression. While this person is on
depression medications, why shouldn’t they start to correct the underlying issues associated with their own low neurotransmitter production? Why not correct the underlying causes for the issues?
This doesn’t just mean the right supplements. I am also referring to using this time to learn life skills to help manage stress and a poor mood.
Does anyone else have a lot of stress? Does that constant stress take its toll on anyone else’s body? As a high stress/anxiety person and knowing that stress is a major contributor to gut problems, I am constantly fighting to keep my gut healthy with the right supplements AND following healthy lifestyle suggestions (most of the time).
I always say that boosting gut health correctly should increase happiness. It legitimately should.

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