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Allergies (like hay fever) are directly linked to the immune system - prebiotics, ApplePhenon®

Going into spring and summer I load up on ApplePhenon® because hay fever is miserable, and I hate living on allergy medicines. ⁠
I grew up getting allergy shots every Wednesday all summer so I could help on the family ranches. I am very familiar with allergy problems. Now I know longer take anything for allergies. ⁠
Once I addressed the underlying issues causing my allergies they disappeared. The bottom line is that allergies are directly linked to the immune system. In order to address allergies, one should really consider doing a heavy focus on improving the immune system.⁠
There are key probiotic strains that are effective at increasing the production of IgG (antibody), IgA (antibody), and β-defensin, an antimicrobial peptide that helps defend against pathogenic microbes.⁠
When IgA is low in a person, they are more likely to have asthma and allergies. Probiotic strains like B. subtilis are shown to increase production of IgA to help address asthma and allergies. Like probiotics, key prebiotics (like ApplePhenon®) can have a significant impact on the reduction of hay fever (and allergies in general). ⁠
This means significantly less sneezing, nasal discharge, and other problems associated with allergies.⁠

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