Acid blockers are common "cures" for heartburn, but what's the cost? - gut health, reflux, indigestion, bloating

They are so convenient to use, right? Plus, they're what everyone suggests using. But if a person doesn’t want to use them? What do they do?
There are food and dietary changes that will help reduce the chances of getting reflux. Who doesn’t get at least a little stomach discomfort after a super greasy meal?
What can help?
✔️Losing belly fat, but that isn’t going to happen overnight.
✔️Using magnesium (like magnesium malate) and zinc-carnosine
✔️Not eating late at night.
✔️Not sitting around or sleeping after meals.
I’m sure most have heard of these suggestions.
We think of reflux/heartburn as an overall sign that the gut isn’t healthy and needs help.
We suggest starting from the beginning with motility and working all the way through until foods aren’t causing problems anymore and inflammatory issues in general have decreased. That’s our view.
Put a plan in place. Get the system going again. Correct the bacteria composition in the gut. Help reduce inflammation and stomach leaking. Improve the body’s reaction to foods.
That’s where to go for long-term help with reflux/heartburn.
(FYI – for people that have been living on acid blockers for years, weaning off of them is easier than stopping them cold turkey)
For anyone looking for a plan let us know. We are happy to help out.

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