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A real detox/cleanse product will increase immunoglobulins/antibodies and remove real toxins - probiotics, cleanse, gut health

Detoxing is a scam, right? That all depends on what version of a detox a person is doing. Generally
speaking, yes. Most detoxing products and programs are a scam.”
Many of these programs are “…unsafe and falsely advertised.” (https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/detoxes-
Are most of these programs improving digestion for the long-term? No.
Are most of these programs boosting the immune system? In order to “boost” the immune system as they are suggesting they need to increase antibodies (preferably IgG and not IgE), reduce inflammation,
etc. So, the answer is “no” here too.
Are most of these programs going to boost the metabolism? No. They will likely do the opposite.
Here’s the truth. The body removes toxins daily through the liver, kidneys and colon. To correctly help
the body remove toxins one needs to help support the body’s normal detoxing process through either
supporting that or providing more help to it. A real detox will increase production of antimicrobial compounds, antifungal compounds, and cytokines.
A person would want to increase antibodies/ immunoglobulins (IgG) in the intestinal tract, resolve leaky gut, and correct bacteria imbalances. The gut can take the load off of the liver by maintaining intestinal integrity and gut microbiota homeostasis.
The right probiotic strains and immunoglobulin concentrates can help the body actually remove real

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