"...a high-fat diet can trigger pain" - gut health, diet, inflammation \

This post is not meant to scare anyone or offend. We get asked about pain a lot. This is not to say people should not eat meat. I'm not picking a fight about carnivore or high fat diets. This research is something interesting and worth considering if you struggle with pain. ⁠

"Individuals who consume high amounts of saturated fats — like butter, cheese, and red meat — have high amounts of free fatty acids circulating in their bloodstream that in turn induce systemic inflammation."⁠

“It became clear, surprisingly, that you don’t need an underlying pathology or obesity. You just needed the diet,” Burton said. “This is the first study to demonstrate the influential role of a short exposure to a high-fat diet to allodynia or chronic pain.”⁠

Those with chronic pain may want to consider less high fatty foods and more veggies and fruits.⁠

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