6 steps to restoring regularity - gut health, constipation, laxative-free

Motility is our laxative-free response to constipation problems. Motility does NOT contain magnesium, aloe vera, senna, cascara, etc.❌️

What it does contain is a unique type of artichoke leaf extract, okra, and winter cherry to help with the keys to establishing motility again (help with constipation and other slow motility issues). It is a very effective alternative to laxatives.*

Motility is not a laxative. Please give it 15 to 30 days on average to start working.

If you have bad constipation or slow motility issues, under Product Options please select the "Moderate to Severe" option. You can take all 4 capsules at the same time or take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules later in the day. Either option is fine. Many who tested the product pre-launch found taking 2 in the morning and 2 later in the afternoon worked better for them.

On the product page under the "Additional Details and Common Questions" section, it will explain how to ease off laxatives.

Many of you also ask about other gut problems: histamine intolerance, food intolerance, bacterial imbalances, leaky gut, elevated inflammation, etc.

The best time to help with these issues is once you have motility established and your detox pathways are open.

The long-term secret to helping with constipation and slow motility issues is to clean up the system and then build it back up again.

Note: When you move to a clean-up process please stay on Motility at a 2 capsule dose. This will help ensure you are regular while we help you restore the microbiome, gut barrier integrity, healthy inflammatory responses, healthy immune system function, and increased butyrate production (all key to long-term regularity).

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