5 Reasons Women Can't Lose Weight - gut health, hormones, weight loss

Are cutting calories and working out more NOT cutting it for you to get your metabolism up to speed?

A major reason people’s fat loss comes to a halt even when eating in a calorie deficit is simply due to the adaptive component of the metabolism- meaning that our thermogenesis response LOWERS!

This way of thinking destroys your metabolism in the long run by:
👎🏼Starving your cells of necessary nutrients
👎🏼Taxing your adrenal glands
👎🏼Lowering thyroid hormone production
👎🏼Increasing your cravings

Besides that- there are serious consequences of being "skinny fat" (having a high percentage of body fat and a low amount of muscle)
This can lead to:
🔹Insulin resistance
🔹High cholesterol
🔹High blood pressure

Instead- lean your focus to:
👍🏼Getting quality restorative sleep for cellular repair
👍🏼Optimizing gut health for nutrient absorption and craving reduction
👍🏼Consistent moderate exercise to build a healthy muscle to fat ratio
👍🏼Balance all the hormones including estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid hormones, and adrenals

By having a very comprehensive approach to your metabolism and NOT just reducing calories, your metabolism will LOVE you and will be your friend- not your enemy!

I work with my clients to find a practical- implementable, approach specific for them in all of these areas!

Go to checkhormones.com if you believe you may need a plan that is all encompassing! @meganblissnp

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