Ultimate bacteria builder probiotic - gut health, microbial diversity

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

When you are loading up on tens of billions of CFUs of really good bacteria do you ever worry that this inundation of good bacteria may drive out other good bacteria? You may want to.

The key objective of gut health is microbial diversity. Traditional probiotics do not impact diversity. You are reseeding the gut with certain specific key strains. While this may actually be good, it is also not going to hit the mark for great gut health.

People ask us all the time, "How does your probiotic compare to (fill in the blank) probiotic?"

The answer is simple. Ultimate Probiotic is different in almost every way.

No lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains.*

No tens of billions of CFUs of dozens of strains not shown to improve microbial diversity.*

It is, however, loaded in strains shown to help drive out pathogenic bacteria and restore balance to the microbiome.*

Contains gut "gardener" strains shown to "cultivate" and "tend to" the microbiome in a beneficial way.*

Proven to help strengthen the gut barrier.*

Naturally survives digestion. No special coatings or capsules required.*

Formulated by a microbiologist with 20+ years in microbiome research.*

When people ask us about building up the gut, we say, "We have just what you are looking for! Ultimate Probiotic."

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