4 gut health goals that affect everything else - gut health, probiotics, constipation, inflammation, bacteria imbalance, leaky gut

Does taking the right probiotic matter? Absolutely.

There is massive noise about probiotics suggesting that all probiotics are the same. If this were the case, the $12 probiotic at the grocery store would be fantastic.

The truth is that not only can the strains in a probiotic be totally different (which should indicate a big difference just there), but how the strains function and what they do can be totally different. Therefore, probiotic supplements are not the same.

Most people assume more (CFUs) is better, right? Wrong!
“CFU amounts are usually in the billions, but the NIH cautions that just because there are more CFUs, this doesn't mean you are getting an added health benefit. You must look for the number of CFUs that are going to still be alive at the end of the shelf life, that's what matters.”

What you are really looking for are third party DNA verification on the strands in the probiotic product and the survivability. A great probiotic should provide 100% survivability and DNA verification.

Special coatings and capsules ensuring survivability are one way to take probiotics. These are for reseeding probiotics. Natural probiotic strains naturally survive digestion and harsh environmental conditions of the stomach and gut. They thrive in it. And natural probiotics ensure bacteria diversity (key to gut health), not just the introductions of billions of CFUs of certain bacteria.

Beneath all your gut health goals are 4 basic underlying keys:

✔️Bacteria balance (diversity)
✔️Strong gut barrier function
✔️ Low inflammation
✔️ Healthy immune system

Your probiotic supplement should address these 4 main critical issues. Addressing these 4 issues are key to everything from constipation and diarrhea to weight loss and food tolerance.

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