10 Reason Why You May Need a Probiotic

Because of our modern diet, the right daily probiotic supplement might be one of the most important supplements you can take. Here are 10 reasons why a good probiotic is more important than ever.

1. Antibiotic use – unfortunately antibiotics indiscriminately kill both the good and the bad bacteria in your gut. They have no way of differentiating between the two. So, if you or your children are ever prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, make it a priority to build up your gut flora as soon as you are done with the prescription (remember that there is no benefit to taking the probiotic while you are on an antibiotics)

2. Weight loss – more and more research is emerging that is connecting the health of our gut too our weight. The right bacteria in your gut can play a key role in losing weight. Studies now confirm that one of the fatty acids produced by good gut bacteria (butyrate) is not only linked with feelings of satiety but also with activating your fat burning genes!

3. Feelings of stress, depression or anxiety – did you know that your brain and your gut are incredibly connected (have you ever gotten “butterflies just thinking about someone)? New science shows that the health of you gut plays a huge role in the health of your brain. Research has shown that symptoms of depression and anxiety have been alleviated with proper probiotics.

4. Digestive issues – so many people suffer from all sorts of different digestive problems. From constipation, bowel irregularity, bloating, Crohn’s etc. the gut microbiome plays a key role in keeping you regular (and healthy). There are multiple studies showing how the right probiotic can help tremendously in this area.

5. Sugar cravings – if climbing Mount Everest seems easier than giving up sugar it may be time to look at your gut health. Bad bacteria feed off sugars and if your gut has an overgrowth of these colonies it may not just be self-discipline that’s holding you back. Rebuilding the good bacteria in your gut will help tremendously as you try to eliminate processed sugars from your diet.

6. Low energy or fatigue – Eating the right food may not be the same thing as ABSORBING the nutrients from that food. An overgrowth of bad bacteria can interfere not only with absorption but also with digestion. Fatigue can be an indicator that your body isn’t get what it needs. If your body is having problems with digestion, your body may need to use your extra energy to help in that area. Probiotics, or good bacteria, can crowd out the bad bacteria, helping to relieve these symptoms.

7. Candida or Yeast infections – If Candida is a problem or you suffer from recurring yeast infections then it is probable that there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the body. The best way to bring it back into balance is with probiotics (a proper diet can also help).

8. Flu or food poisoning - If you recently have had the flu or a or have eaten something that just didn’t sit right, there is a good chance bad bacteria has made a home in your body. Taking a probiotic will help fight off these bad guys and get your bowel movements and digestion back to normal.

9. Skin problems - if you’ve tried every skin care product on the market and are still having problems it may be that could be because your intestinal flora is out of whack. Looking at your diet and incorporating a probiotic may be more beneficial than another trip to the pharmacy.

10. Maintaining a proper probiotic microbiome in your gut – we now know just how essential our gut health is to our overall health. Just like brushing your teeth every day is important to the health of your mouth, so is taking the right probiotic for your gut.

Charity Lighten, B.S., M.S.
Silver Fern™ Brand Chief Nutritionist

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