Making Gut Health Simple

Gut health doesn’t need to be complicated. To keep things simple, let’s compare the gut to a garden.

A healthy garden begins with the quality of soil composition, which determines the nutrient balance that plants need. Healthy soil is the foundation to produce vibrant vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs.

Much like a healthy garden, a healthy gut requires a foundation of abundant beneficial bacteria and bacteria diversity to function optimally.

Just as poor soil yields a low crop, poor nutrition, stress, and environmental toxins creates a poor environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive - thus creating bacteria imbalances which can contribute to chronic health issues.

The harvest of a healthy gut provides nourishment to the rest of the body. This can include:*

  • Digestive comfort*
  • Reduced to no reactions or symptoms to food*
  • Regular bowel movements*
  • Strong immune system (less sick, less often, less severe)*
  • Flawless skin*
  • Enhanced mood*

Optimizing the health and function of the gut requires removing anything harmful and then rebalancing the diversity of beneficial bacteria. The gut microbiome needs specific nutrients to support good bacteria and to thrive. This process works synergistically to enrich one’s health, while “quick fixes,” which can actually be more harmful than good.*

Silver Fern Brand's TWO-Part Gut Program.

Part 1: 30-Day Gut Clean-Up Kit

The first part of this program is to help calm and rebalance the gut. Part I will help:

  • Speed up and improve digestion. (Note: Many stomach discomforts are due to slow motility and stomach emptying!)*
  • Support bowel regularity*
  • Natural detoxification*
  • Calm immune system overreactions*
  • Manage bad bacteria overgrowth*
  • Support the gut barrier*
  • Start the correction of bacteria imbalances and gut permeability*

Part I will prepare the gut for Part II so that Part II can work its best. A cleaned out and calm gut is the best environment for a proper gut build up.

What’s in PART 1

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Part 2: 30-Day Gut Maintenance Kit

The second part of this program is to continue to promote healthy microbial balance, digestion, and calmness in the gut, while rapidly building out the gut biome. Part II will help:

  • Promote digestive health*
  • Reduce digestive complaints*
  • Support a healthy immune system*
  • Calm immune system overreactions*
  • Increase abundance of good bacteria*
  • Support gut barrier function*
  • Increase common probiotic populations (i.e., Lactobacillus and bifidobacterial)*
  • Continue to reverse imbalances and intestinal permeability*
  • Improve the metabolism and body composition*
  • Reduce cravings for sugary treats and poor foods*
  • Reduce gastrointestinal problems of various conditions*

What’s in PART 2:

1 Bottles of Upper GI Relief
1 Bottles of GI Relief
1 to 2 capsules per meal & 4 capsules per day
1 Bottle of Digestive Enzyme
1 Bottle of Digestive Enzyme
1 capsule per meal for 3 meals per day
1 Bottle of Ultimate Probiotic
1 Bottle of Ultimate Probiotic
2 capsules per day
1 Bottle of Targeted Prebiotic
1 Bottle of Targeted Prebiotic
3 capsules per day taken with Ultimate Probiotic

Subscribe and Save Price: $89.99
Regularly Priced at $112.49


Lifestyle Suggestions to Go Along with the Program:

  • Intermittent fasting 5 days a week (16 hours per day of fasting and only drinking water during that time) - Fasting periods allow for beneficial bacteria to thrive.
  • Eliminating artificial sweeteners and flavorings.
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate processed foods.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption.
  • Refrain from any foods that cause your stomach poor reactions (gluten, dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.).
Some of the greatest immune system boosters are vitamins!*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.