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Are your products produced under a strict quality management system in compliance with GMP's Good Manufacturing Practices and third party quality certifications?

Yes, they are all GMP certified.

What does DNA verified mean?

It simply means that we have paid a third party to test what is in the capsule/bottle so that people can rest assured that what it says on the label is indeed what's in the bottle.

I have Celiac's disease, and thus have a gluten allergy. I unfortunately can get sick from cross contamination and was wondering if your products (and which ones) are certified gluten free and safe for Celiac's? What are your manufacturing processes like, do they avoid cross contamination?

Our products are all gluten free but, In order for the products to be labelled as gluten free at the facilities we use the products containing gluten have to be separated from all the other ingredients. The facilities we work with to manufacture our products have strict standards for manufacturing.

I need to avoid yeast and am wondering if the type of yeast in the probiotic is similar (meaning processed or cultured/fermented) to what is in food and something I should avoid?

In many cases it takes yeast to fight yeast. Saccharomyces Boulardii does not colonize, it is 100% transient and as it passes through it produces lactic acid and other compounds that help fight off other yeast. Saccharomyces Boulardii is a probiotic yeast that our ancestors got exposure to by simply picking fruits and consuming them. It is a very important addition as it has several key functions. It acidifies the gut, prevents the colonization of pathogens, helps seal the gut lining, reduces inflammation in the gut, modulates the immune system and reduces inflammation, prevents bad yeast from growing and even improves enzymatic function to increase digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is a big part of reforming the gut and is very, very well studied and widely used.

What does spore-forming mean?

They have a natural barrier that protects them until they are in the most perfect environment (the gut). This is why our probiotics have 100% survivability and make it to the large intestine where they then colonize the gut.

My probiotics are a different color than my last batch. Are they bad?

We do a direct extraction and do not bleach or deodorize the powder to make it artificially white. Like any, truly natural product, there will be color variations and the brown specs are just part of the ferment. In some batches there will be more, in some, there will be less as we do not standardize the product to the specks. There are no changes to the formulation that is carefully regulated.

Are the digestive enzymes gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, soy, and egg free?

Yes, they are free from all major allergens.

What’s the difference between the Digestive Enzymes and the Ultimate Probiotic?

Digestive enzymes are “one-trick-ponies”, whose main goal is to break down a certain food. Without them, the food would remain in a state that is not really usable by the body. Probiotics on the other hand are living organisms that affect the microbiome and strengthen the digestive tract. The role of the bacteria in our body is quite extensive. Digestive Enzymes break down the food and the probiotics make sure that you have a balanced gut so that your body can properly absorb the nutrients from the food They work together to optimize health.

What are your natural flavors in the protein powder?

When creating flavors, the formulators are very protective of their formula. To protect them, they typically write natural flavors. In the instance of our chocolate protein, the flavoring is a mixture of cocoa and vanilla.

What are your protein powders sweetened with?

The sweet flavor comes from the natural flavors (chocolate and vanilla), stevia, and Lo Hon Guo (monk fruit).

How many strains of probiotics are in the protein powder? Can I take both the Ultimate Probiotic and protein?

While the protein powder does have probiotics to help with digestion it only contains 1 billion CFU's of the Bacillus Subtilis HU58 strain. The probiotic capsules have 8 billion CFU's (colony forming units) and have 5 different strains. The probiotic capsules target gut issues and overall gut health while the probiotics in the protein powder are geared toward basic assistance with digestion and better absorption of the protein. I would encourage you to continue with the probiotic capsules for the full benefits of the probiotics.

Do you test your protein powder for heavy metals?

Yes, all our products have heavy metal testing done after every production in accordance with FDA standards. We take the quality of the product very seriously. 

Is the protein powder Kosher certified?

I'm pleased to inform you that our protein powder is Vegan so in turn Kosher as well. There are no animal products within the protein powder. Please be aware we don't have any official kosher certification.

How is Tino™ fiber different then other fiber products?

With Tino™ fiber you get much more than a fiber product. You get a plethora of health benefits that goes far beyond maintaining regularity and digestive health.

What makes Tino™ prebiotic fiber special?

As with all Silver Fern™ Brand products, Tino™ fiber was formulated to be much more than a simple “re-do” product. In an natural way, Tino™ prebiotic fiber addresses (in addition to digestive health) bone health, joint health, and immune health

Why do you offer additional benefits with your Tino™ fiber product?

Our research suggests that the same customers buying fiber supplements are also buying commonly known supplements for bone health, joint health, and immune health. We wanted to add something in addition to fiber to go beyond our customers’ expectations.

How do you suggest one take Tino™ fiber?

Tino™ fiber is water soluble and can be added to just about everything. Whether you want to take it in a glass of water or add it to your morning coffee, tea, or oatmeal it is a great addition to your supplement plan.

Why does Silver Fern™ Brand not use the term "non-GMO"?

The FDA has published guidance regarding statements about GMO status (November 2015). The guidance is not mandatory, but the FDA does not believe that labels should contain language including "Non-GMO" and have stated they find this misleading to consumers. The FDA has provided the following options: 
·Not bioengineered
·Not genetically engineered
·Not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology
·We do not use ingredients that were produced using modern biotechnology

What is your Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact customer service at (888) 525-9605 to facilitate a return. To see the full details of the SilverFernBrand.com return policy, click here.

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