Why take L-Glutamine - gut health, gastritis, muscle recovery

Here's the truth.

People can get plenty of L-Glutamine from diet alone.

So why supplement with L-Glutamine?

Gut problems, infections, prolonged stress, surgery, injuries, and exercise may be good instances in which an additional high-quality L-Glutamine supplement may be beneficial.

It is pretty well known by many that 15 to 45 grams of L-Glutamine may be helpful for gut issues like gastritis.

Personally speaking, I take 5 grams of L-Glutamine after every workout. My research and experience say this is very beneficial.

If I tear or injure a muscle, I have been known to load up on 20 grams of additional L-Glutamine per day for several weeks. I find this very helpful.

At Silver Fern™, despite the size and scope of our protocols, we don't load people up on anything that is not 100% necessary. Our protocols are already HUGE. We have no desire to go beyond what is needed. We already have people freaking out over the size of our protocols. There is no need to make them freak out more.


Like digestive enzymes (from our perspective), L-glutamine is really helpful for gut problems. We love it if people choose to use it in addition to what we already have them on. Our microbiome researchers formulated an L-Glutamine "gut-specific blend." It can be very helpful for gut issues.

When people ask me, "What else can I do?" with our protocols, I respond with, "Load up on L-Glutamine."

This can help with everything from reflux, heartburn, and gastritis issues to nutrient absorption and IBS issues.

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