Why take a digestive enzyme supplement? - gut health, nutrient absorption

Years ago, we asked an industry-leading microbiologist with over 22 years of enzyme research experience to formulate a broad-spectrum enzyme for us. We had already done our research and knew what other enzymes were in the "top" category for our industry (as I am sure you know, not all products are the same).

In addition, we were seeing many of our customers consuming massive amounts of different sources of protein daily. So, in addition to full broad-spectrum requirements, we asked for a full breakdown of protein.

What did he do? He customized a blend for us sourced from an industry-leading enzyme distributor (Bio-Cat). Bio-Cat represents the top two enzyme producers (Amano Enzyme founded in 1899 and Shin Nihon founded in 1959).

The result? Enzymes that work. 3x stronger than common enzymes and 100% intestinal pH coverage. You won't be disappointed.

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