The key probiotic you haven't heard about - gut health, probiotics

Wondering what helps with heavy metals, hazardous environmental materials, and harmful biofilms?

The answer is P. Acidilactici (an amazing probiotic strain).

There are keys to be aware of when selecting a probiotic.

1) It has to survive digestion (preferably w/o special coatings, capsules, etc.). The strains need to be resistant to temperature fluctuations, stomach acid, bile salts, and other conditions in the digestive process.
2) The strains need to have a positive modification to the microbiome. The strains better drive out pathogens and help beneficial bacteria thrive. Further, the probiotic strains better increase bacteria diversity and abundance of bacteria that produce compounds like butyrate.

P. acidilactici hits all of these marks.

We do NOT offer me-too products. When our microbiologist (with over 22 years of microbiome research) formulated our probiotic he went all in. P. acidilactici was key to the formulation.

If you want our approach to using a probiotic, DM us #Probiotic. For long-term gut help, you need a top-notch probiotic. We can help with that.

If you have major gut problems, DM us #Protocol. Please be aware though, we only use probiotics at the appropriate time. There is an ideal time and place to maximize probiotics. We apply that to all of our protocols and use probiotics at the appropriate time to maximize results. Finally, we address pathogens from beginning to end in all protocols, and we work extremely hard to skip nothing.

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