The best probiotic for antibiotic recovery - gut health, probiotics

Are you worried about taking an antibiotic? Honestly, you should be.

Antibiotics are a major disruptor of the microbiome. Literally.
"There is evidence that this disruption can last for up to two years after antibiotic treatment."

We frequently get these statements from customers:

"I was doing great. Then I had to take an antibiotic for [fill in the blank] and now my gut is a wreck again. I feel horrible. Do I have to start over? What do I do?"

"My gut was fine. Then I had to take antibiotics for [fill in the blank] and since then my gut has been horrible. Can you help me?"

As I am sure you are aware, not all probiotics are the same. They don't have the same strains so why would they be, right?

When our microbiologist formulated our probiotic, one of the major reasons (among many) for this probiotic was to help people who did need to take antibiotics not have major gut setbacks from taking them. He knew from his education and experience that most strains just don't help the gut while taking antibiotics.

‼️How should you take probiotics with antibiotics? Please take them 2-4 hours after the antibiotic dose.‼️

Please don't wait until after you have started antibiotics to start taking S. boulardii and other probiotic strains shown to help your gut during use of antibiotics. This is a HUGE mistake.

What else does S. boulardii help with you may ask? A lot.

✅️Increases enzyme production (including DAO enzymes) for helping with food intolerances.
✅️Helps with IBS, IBD, cholesterol, H. pylori, C. diff, Candida overgrowth, etc. issues.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silvefernbrand.

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