Side effects of antidepressants - gut health, mood, depression, saffron

Did you know...

Saffron (specifically a high-quality saffron) can be taken with antidepressants to decrease the side effects of antidepressants? True.

Further, pairing saffron with antidepressants can help with sleep, initiative/motivation, interest, and pleasure. Meaning, for a man this may help with ED, and for both men and women saffron may help with achieving orgasm.

And for those of you not on antidepressants and not looking to take antidepressants, saffron may be an alternative similar to Prozac w/o the side effects. Meaning, high-quality saffron has been shown to have comparable benefits to Fluoxetine (Prozac) for depression.

Now to be fair, I do not think all saffron can do this. Unlike drugs, supplements come in a wide range of quality options. However some very pure concentrations of saffron may be able to reduce depression similar to Fluoxetine.

Please be mindful, that the results take 6-8 weeks (just like antidepressants do). Saffron is not a drug. A dose of 60 mg per day can definitely help with sleep issues. At least it does for me. I got off of Trazadone taking this stuff. And like anything else for depression, anxiety, and stress saffron may be best used when paired with exercise, better time management, and a better diet.

If you are or are not on antidepressants, you may find the right quality of saffron helpful for you. If you are on antidepressants, you may want to talk with your provider about saffron if you decide to take it because I am supposed to suggest that to everyone. 😉

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