8 benefits of keratin - keratin, hair growth

Our owner has Hashimoto's. This can come with a lot of hair loss (the kind that comes out in large amounts frequently).

Even after getting her Hashimoto's under control, she still couldn't get her hair to grow.

She tried many, many products. So many. Nothing worked.

Hair Complex was created by the Silver Fern™ science team for her. Her hair now grows full, thick, and shiny. Don't believe me? You can see her videos on our account. If you go back several years you will see a drastic difference in her hair now vs several years back. Go look. Obviously, we are not going to get Phil to grow his hair back (Phil is the bald man on our account). Hair Complex will not reverse male-pattern baldness once it has set in, and he really doesn't want more chest hair.

Does hair complex work? Yes. If you give it a full 8 weeks you will notice the difference. Notice in the comparison chart in the slides that really noticeable differences happen at 60 days and longer.

But to your real question, does it work? Yes, no question.

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