60 Day Digestive Reboot Challenge

Get sick Easily? Colds and flu last forever? Gas? Bloating? Upset Stomach After Eating? Constipation Issues? Diarrhea issues? Depressed or anxious? Struggle to Stop Eating Even When You Are Full? Acne issues? There is a good chance that your digestive system is to blame. Most chronic health issues are a result of an unhealthy digestive system. That’s why we created this challenge.

The Challenge

For 60 Days do the following

  1. Take enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotic fiber with your largest meal of the day. 
  2. For the first week take two enzymes, one probiotic, and one scoop of fiber with your largest meal.
  3. The remaining weeks take one digestive enzyme, two probiotics, and one scoop of fiber with your largest meal. Additional enzymes may be taken to aid with your meals.

For added fiber in your day see our High Fiber Shake Meal Recipe (super filling)

What you will need:

The Digestive Reboot Kit

  • 2 Bottles of Environmental Probiotics
  • 1 Bottle of Digestive Enzymes
  • 2 Containers of Prebiotic Fiber

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Why you will need them:

Environmental Probiotics

Regularly: $59.99

  • Replenishes your gut bacteria
  • Rebuilds the Immune System
  • Resolves and prevents chronic digestive issues
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Improves satiety (feeling of fullness)
  • Boosts mental health naturally
  • Reduces acne

Never have seen anything as effective and yet gentle to take. And I’ve tried more things than I can remember. This is about 4 months in, and an amazing never-ending parasite flow keeps coming out. I highly recommend this product!

Dave M.

High Potency Digestive Enzymes

Regularly: $44.99

  • 100% Intestinal pH Coverage and Potency
  • Resolves digestive discomforts
  • Breaks down protein to maximize its benefits
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Decreases gas, bloating, indigestion, and irregularity
  • Improves nutrient absorption from carbs, fats, and protein

This brand is great. I’ve noticed in just a week a little less bloating and more regular bowel movements. I can’t wait to try the probiotic to see where it really take my gut health.

Amy T.

Prebiotic Fiber

Regularly: $24.99

  • 10 grams of fiber per serving (3X More Fiber than leading brands)
  • Digestive friendly
  • Least flatulence
  • Restores and maintains regularity
  • Improves digestive health
  • Feeds the probiotics so they can work more effectively

Many good bacteria in the gut only survive off fiber!

I started introducing Prebiotic FIber daily about 1.5 months ago. I am working on healing a very sensitive gut. Tino Fiber has helped greatly! I am becoming much more regular! I have also noticed that it helps curb my cravings for sweets and reduces my appetite

Patty D.

Why Should You Do This Challenge?

  • Repair your immune system to reduce cold and flu-related issues - 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
  • Decreases sugar cravings and helps manage appetite – Probiotics drop the hunger hormone by 50%.
  • Increase energy and improve mood- 90% of serotonin is made in the gut.
  • Reduce or stop digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, heartburn, and more
  • Recondition gut to fight chronic digestive problems like leaky gut
  • Improves nutrient absorption benefits

Take the Digestive Reboot Challenge and Restore Your Overall Health

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