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New Products are Always in Development


Silver Fern™ Brand is always innovating and creating healthy, delicious alternatives to the products you love most. Here are some of the new things that we are working on, check back often to see what's next on our list!

Kaha Protein Shakes - Now Available

With 9.5X faster protein absorption than your standard protein shake, Kaha Protein Shakes taste incredible and are far superior to anything on the market. These protein shakes are engineered with a special enzyme blend specifically formulated to break down protein so that your body can absorb it faster and more effectively. Kaha shakes will get your muscles the post workout recovery protein they need to help you train harder, faster, and longer.  *** Kaha Protein launch date estimate - April 2016 ***



Wai Drink Mixes - Now Available

Delicious and loaded with prebiotics and probiotics, Wai Drink Mixes will change the name of the game. We found a way to get rid of all acids, sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial ingredients, and fillers and give you the healthiest drink mix possible. Wai mixes aid in digestion, helps support a healthy immune system, and help provide the key nutrients and antioxidants your body craves. Wai Drink Mixes come in several flavors, each better tasting than the last. Wai will curb appetite and hunger cravings, improve your gut health, and provide a refreshing drink to brighten up your day. *** Wai Drink Mixes launch date estimate - May 2016 ***



Paka Syrups

Visit our IndieGogo Campaign and share it with your friends and family!!! Everyone loves protein pancakes, the trouble is what do you put on them without ruining the nutritional value that they provide? Traditional syrups are pretty much straight sugar and have 50+ active carbs. Introducing Paka Syrups, a revolutionary syrup that has 0 sugar and 2-3 active carbs. From Maple to Blueberry to Strawberry and more, Paka Syrups will come in various flavors that will take your breakfast to a whole new level. Finally, a great tasting, healthy alternative to traditional syrup. *** Paka Syrups launch date estimate - September 2016 ***


Other Treats

We are currently working on many other great tasting treats with low active carbs. Powered by Kakato™ sweetener, these treats include flavored popcorns, chocolates, hot chocolate, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, and protein bars are currently being formulated. Eventually we want to have ice cream, pudding, gummies, and all of our favorite treats, but we can only develop so many at a time.