Become a Silver Fern™ Brand Ambassador

Do you have what it takes to be a Silver Fern™ Brand Ambassador?

Ambassador Requirements:

- Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS need to be passionate about fitness and nutrition.

- Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS need to post once a month on a PUBLIC social channel (IG, FB and/or Pinterest).

    - Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS have to post at least one video each month on IG and at least 1 other social channel (FB and/or YouTube).

    - All Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS must follow our Instagram account (SilverFernbrand) for important updates.

    - Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS are to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and encourage their networks to do the same: #silverfernbrand #silverfernsquad

    - All Silver Fern™ AMBASSADORS are to repost and/or promote company driven specials and giveaways.


    Get Paid!

    As an Ambassador you will have the opportunity to receive free products/secret giveaways and also get paid with commissions! We will assign you a direct link for customers to buy given you automatic commissions. When someone uses your link you will earn a commission on whatever they purchase.

    Become Marketable!

    With every quality post you submit we will pay for additional traffic to see the post on all our social channels. You will add followers to your Instagram and other social channels instantly! Not only will you receive commissions for items purchased with your Silver Fern™ link, you will gain visibility to grow your personal fitness/nutrition company!

    SIGN UP TODAY and you will be connected with Silver Fern to receive more details and ask any questions you may have!