Daily Gut Maintenance Kit (formerly Boost Kit) - Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic

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Ready for an overall change in your gut health and body? Silver Fern Brand’s Daily Gut Maintenance Kit provides an incredible place to start with our Targeted Prebiotic and Ultimate Probiotic. Together, these two products become one of the strongest combinations for helping to restore your gut and to feel and look your best!*


Silver Fern™ Brand’s Daily Gut Maintenance Kit  (formerly Boost Kit) combines the potent targeted bacteria fuel of Targeted Prebiotic with the transformative broad-spectrum probiotic blend of Ultimate Probiotic.* These two products together can help provide rapid reshaping of your gut and body through aggressively reshaping your bacteria composition.* Help promote a faster metabolism and fat-burning as well as promote a stronger gut barrier.* Simply put, Daily Gut Maintenance Kit aids in entire overall health!*


  • Help reshape your gut microbial composition*
  • Help reshape your body*
  • Support the most beneficial bacteria for gut health*
  • Support production of critical short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)*
  • Help boost any healthy eating lifestyle or exercise program’s outcomes*
  • Help reduce bad cravings*
  • Promotes cravings for healthy foods(i.e., fruits and vegetables)*
  • Help reduce appetite*



Silver Fern™ Brand wants to help you transform, recondition, and reshape your gut by addressing bacteria imbalances and weak gut barriers.* Bacteria imbalances and a weak gut barrier are linked to a wide range of problems, and issues.* By reversing them there can be HUGE noticeable health benefits.* Silver Fern Brand’s Daily Gut Maintenance Kit combines two incredible products to help accomplish these goals:

  • Help increase beneficial bacteria to balance gut microbiome and help correct bacteria imbalances in the gut.*
  • Help strengthen the gut barrier and promote better gut barrier function.*
  • Helps increase microbial diversity.*
  • Promote critical bacteria and restore beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy metabolism.*
  • Promote a healthy metabolism by replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria*
  • Supports healthy weight management by helping boost abundance of key bacteria such as Akkermansia muciniphila, Prevotella sp. and F. prausnitzii.*

    A higher abundance of A. Mucin may be associated with being lean.*

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    What's Included in the Kit

    Targeted Prebiotic (1 BOTTLE)

    Targeted Prebiotic is a powerful resource to help transform the gut bacteria composition, help create a lean body, and help restore the metabolism:*

    • Promotes a robust gut microbiome*
    • Promotes a stronger gut barrier*
    • Promotes a responsive metabolism*


    Ultimate Probiotic (1 BOTTLE)

    Ultimate Probiotic plays a key role in promoting a better weight management program because it helps strengthen the gut barrier and helps establish a beneficial bacteria composition.* A weak gut barrier may trigger weight gain and many other gut problems.* The strains found in Ultimate Probiotic can promote the necessary bacteria composition for helping the metabolism.* Ultimate Probiotic can also help reduce bacteria imbalances and improve the gut barrier function.* [Note: Ultimate Probiotic’s B. coagulans can also help the body increase absorption of protein as well as promote better digestive capacity for helping with food intolerances.*



    We suggest taking the normal dose of Ultimate Probiotic and Targeted Prebiotic for 30 days. To increase the speed of gut changes you can take more Targeted Prebiotic capsules each day. TAKE TARGETED PREBIOTIC AND ULTIMATE PROBIOTIC TOGETHER! They work best when taken together with a meal.



    The secret to permanent weight loss is to CHANGE CRAVINGS, REDUCE APPETITE, AND PROMOTE A FASTER METABOLISM.* This is done by changing gut composition: ie. more critical bacteria such as Akkermansia F. prausnitzii, and Prevotella sp.* These can help with healthy weight management and short-chain fatty acid production, which is shown to reduce appetite, reduce food intake, and prevent weight gain.* Changing gut composition also means increasing good bacteria populations above bad bacteria populations. Along with the right gut health products, lifestyle changes are also necessary. Lifestyle changes alone won’t work and probiotics and prebiotics alone won’t work without the lifestyle changes. You need both! The secret to long-term success is finding the right healthy balance for your life.*



    1. Try to accomplish an 80/20 eating lifestyle. Try eating healthy 80% of the time, more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fiber, and water. Increasing consumption of fiber and drinking more water is essential. For the other 20% of the time eat more casual but still try to get healthy foods into each meal. It’s okay to have a cheat meal once or twice a week, however we do not suggest doing back-to-back binge eating events. We have found that carving out a “yes” period during the week for a date night, a holiday party, an event with friends, or anything else makes the whole healthy eating process work. These “yes” periods should be enjoyed and looked forward to! As your appetite diminishes and cravings change you may not have the need to do as much of these 20% eating windows as when you started. We still suggest you enjoy a period of eating what you want, trying new foods, and so on. The secret to the 80/20 program is to tell yourself “yes” and then completely enjoy that “yes” period without guilt or worry. With this gut health program your eating habits will change on their own.
    2. Intermittent fasting 5 days a week (14-16 hours per day of fasting and only drinking water during that time). Fasting periods allow for beneficial bacteria to thrive. The purpose of intermittent fasting is to change your gut bacteria composition. Intermittent fasting alone won’t help with weight loss, but as part of a comprehensive plan we find that it works very well. Remember that the key is to do your best and continue to try. Intermittent fasting gets easier and easier over time until you won’t have any issues with it. Typically, the first few weeks can be difficult but after that it becomes much easier. We find many people come to love intermittent fasting. Also, there are events and weeks (i.e., vacation, Christmas week) that intermittent fasting just isn’t possible. That’s okay! Just get back on the program the following week. Keep in mind that staying off intermittent fasting for extending periods of time will slow down your progress.
    3. Eliminate artificial sweeteners and flavoring. Artificial sweeteners and flavors can cause bacteria imbalances, glucose intolerance, and metabolic dysfunction.Artificial sweeteners also increase cravings and the desire to eat. They may be calorie free on a label, but they always seem to make up for the calories in your need to snack elsewhere.
    4. Significantly reduce or eliminate processed foods and fast foods. A poor diet can cause serious bacteria imbalances that cause problems with weight loss.*In your “yes” period eat what you want.
    5. Find an exercise program you really enjoy. Pick a body composition you would like to be, such as lean or muscular, and then find a program that focuses on that. Runners look like runners, bikers like bikers, weightlifters like weightlifters. The type of exercise you do will determine your body composition. Above all, choose a program you really enjoy and avoid anything that you dread. If you don’t like the program you won’t stick with it!
    6. Reduce intake of intensely sweetened drinks and drink powders. We have found that even naturally sweetened drinks and treats can cause added cravings and increase the need to snack. In your “yes” period eat what you want.
    7. Don’t eat late at night! Eat earlier in the night or late afternoon if possible.
    8. Mindset is a big part of changing body composition. You need to believe you can change to do it. Whenever you start to think negatively or doubtful put the positive image of your fitness goals into your mind to replace the negative doubtful thoughts.

    (Note: Be mindful that many online fitness/weightlifting program trainers regularly train much longer each day and eat less than they suggest in their programs. A healthy exercise period can vary by program type, but typically is between 45 to 90 minutes long  4 to 6 times a week. This is sufficient for this program to work.)



    Strictly following the products and the lifestyle suggestions of this program will result in a change of cravings and appetite by about week 8. Cravings and appetite will start to go down and eating healthy will be easier. Everyone is different, but this is what I experienced personally. After about week 12 fat loss seems to go much faster and intermittent fasting is much easier and feels better. Slacking off of intermittent fasting will affect results.

    After about 6 months you will notice quite a bit of fat loss but maybe not great weight loss. I lost a lot of weight to begin with, but what I noticed most was the fat loss around my belly, legs, and face. I dropped several pant sizes. After a while my weight stopped dropping but my fat continued to go away. My body composition changed: more lean muscle and less fat.  Gut health improves nutrient utilization.  My weight continues to go down a little each month but what I notice mostly now is more lean muscle.

    Remember that everyone has a different starting point and a different body shape. Outcomes can vary per individual. The goal should be to achieve a health body weight for your personal body type and better health markers to show that you are a healthier person.


      * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.