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Ultimate Probiotic Supplement - 60 Capsules per Bottle

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When we say Ultimate Probiotic, we aren’t simply boasting about how great our product is, we literally have the science to back up that claim. Our probiotic capsules are pharmaceutical grade, 100% guaranteed survivability, and DNA verified, making it the Ultimate Probiotic available today!

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Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic

The Most Advanced Probiotic Available Anywhere

Silver Fern™ Brand has developed the best ancestral probiotic for natural survival without the enteric coating or “time-release” gimmicks. Simply said, this is nature’s probiotic. The Ultimate Probiotic’s amazing blend is what our ancestors consumed off the land for thousands of years. This is the first formula to have three different classes of nature’s probiotics – spores, probiotic yeast, and acid stable pediococcus. While other probiotics test at a pH of 3 or higher, our Ultimate Probiotic has been proven by 3rd party lab tests to match the normal stomach pH and US Pharmacopeia standard of 1.2. If you are looking for the absolute best probiotic anywhere look no further than Silver Fern's™ Ultimate Probiotic.

Why should I take the Ultimate Probiotic from Silver Fern™ Brand?

Whether you are interested in gut repair, transforming a dysfunctional immune system, digestion support, immune support, or healthy bowel, our Ultimate Probiotic is right for you.

The probiotic you are currently using most likely is NOT the quality you hope it is (see this study). A recent UC Berkeley test showed that only 1 in 16 probiotic products available in local California stores and online have accurate claims on the label. Silver Fern's™ Ultimate Probiotic is DNA verified and survivability verified by Sun Genomics, a 3rd Party Independent Lab. Rest assured knowing that the Ultimate Probiotic’s supplement facts are accurate and survivability is 100% Guaranteed.

Functional Benefits of the Ultimate Probiotic

  • Improves digestion and food tolerance
  • Reduces gas, bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Aids in recovery of the flora after antibiotic use
  • Supports nutrient absorption
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves favorable immune response and supports the reduction of allergies and asthma
  • Improves regularity of bowel movements
  • Acidifies the digestive tract to support the growth of good bacteria

Is the Ultimate Probiotic blend really different from other probiotics?

Absolutely! The Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic is unique, different, clinically tested, and lab tested for proven efficacy and results. We made sure that we do things differently than every other probiotic on the market. Here's why:

Other probiotics ARE NOT what they say they are!

  • 95% of probiotics DO NOT make it into the intestines alive, which means they do virtually nothing for you
  • Most probiotic label strain statements are inaccurate
  • A 2015 university study showed that ONLY 1 in 16 probiotic products properly characterized the label claim

Here is how the Silver Fern™ Ultimate Probiotic is different -

  • 100% guaranteed survivability
  • Independent, 3rd party lab proven survivability results
  • 3rd party DNA verification of the strains
  • 3 university tested bacillus species
  • New, revolutionary proprietary probiotic strain
  • Specialized, highly potent probiotic yeast
  • Contains a prebiotic to help activate the probiotic bacteria in the intestines

Ingredients - 

Saccharomyces Boulardii

  • Tropical strain
  • Unique species of probiotic yeast
  • Fights off disease-causing organisms in the gut

Common Treatment Uses –

  • Treating and preventing diarrhea
  • Aids general digestion

Pediococcus Acidilactici

  • Found in nature
  • Proprietary probiotic bacteria new to the nutritional market
  • Provides amazing immune benefits

Common Treatment Uses

  • Reform ailing gut
  • Transform a dysfunctional immune system

Bacillus Subtilis HU58

  • University tested
  • Produces over 12 potent antibiotics
  • Produces nattokinase and vitamin K2

Common Treatment Use

  • Immune Development

Bacillus Coagulans

  • University tested
  • Produces L+ optical form of lactic acid

Common Treatment Uses

  • IBS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis

Bacillus Clausii

  • Most widely used probiotic drug in the world
  • Antibiotic resistant for use during antibiotic treatment

Common Treatment Uses

  • Potent immune stimulator

A Probiotic Designed as Nature Intended

Probiotics are not a luxury; in fact, they are a very essential nutrient that the human body requires for proper function. Recent advances in science have demonstrated how critical our beneficial bacteria are to our health and wellness. As it turns out, we count on them a lot more than previously thought. In some ways we are more bacteria than human! 10 trillion cells make up the human body and more than 100 trillion beneficial bacteria cells call our body home. The average person has 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells. Our DNA has only 22,000 genes, yet our bodies carry almost 3.5 million genes from bacteria. Surprisingly our cells even use some of these bacterial genes to conduct necessary functions. It is very clear that there is strong co-evolution between the human host and our 100 trillion passengers; we have come to depend on them as much as they depend on us. Considering that our bodies and our genetics have not changed much in the last 100,000 years we have to wonder: from what sources did our ancestors get their probiotics? They definitely did not have special coated capsules with billions of cells or refrigerators full of probiotic tablet options. How did they get these essential nutrients into their system, where all of this co-evolution occurred? Scientists have studied this very topic and now have a clear understanding of where our distant relatives picked up (and where we now pick up) these important passengers.

The first place we get our natural probiotics is from our dear mothers. Mom does great things for us from the very start. Most of the beneficial bacteria found in the digestive tract come from our mothers, both when we are in the womb itself and during natural child birth. During the birthing process the mother’s bacteria passes onto the fetus and is swallowed by the fetus, thus colonizing the baby’s digestive tract. Trillions of mom’s good bacteria are transferred to her baby this way. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species (commonly found in probiotic products) are among the strains passed from mother to child in this way. Further, physical contact with mom and breastfeeding expose us to more beneficial bacteria that eventually make a permanent home on us and in us. This is where most of the beneficial bacteria (the bacteria that perform important functions in our digestive systems) come from. These bacteria are designed to pass from mother to child during very, very close contact (i.e. the birthing process and breastfeeding); bacteria also passes from body to body where the gastric system of the child is near neutral since these strains of bacteria are not suited for life outside of the body. They are not designed to leave the body, spend time outside the body or to be reintroduced orally. The best way to positively affect the numbers and population of these bacteria is via a healthy diet that is low in both simple sugars and processed foods while high in soluble and insoluble fibers. These are not the only beneficial bacteria that call the human body home; this brings us to the second way.

The second way that we are introduced to our lifelong partners is through the environment. Our ancestors were hunters and gathers and they ate off the land. The foods they ate contained high amounts of environmental bacteria that ended up in their digestive systems. Many of those bacteria are not stable in the harsh, acid environment of the stomach and never made it to the digestive system. Nonetheless, two classes of bacteria and one fungus did make it through and still do. The two classes of bacteria are spore-formers and the Pediococcus genus; the fungus is Saccharomyces Boulardii. Spore-formers are universally found in the digestive systems of most animals and sea life. They are a true universal probiotic. Pediococcus is ubiquitous in the environment and has been passing through the human digestive tract for millions of years. Saccharomyces lives on the skins of fruits and was consumed all throughout the course of human evolution. These special organisms are designed by nature to be able to survive in the environment for long periods of time, and then, when exposed to a host, they naturally survive the harsh environment of the stomach and eventually make a home in the digestive system. They conduct many important and beneficial functions in the host such as: aid in digestion; help keep the proper balance of good vs. bad bacteria; help fight off bad bacteria; rebuild the intestines; help support the immune system; and produce important nutrients for their host in the digestive system where the nutrients are readily absorbed. Nature has designed these spore-forming bacteria, Pediococcus and fungal probiotic strains to be a true probiotic as they are stable both in the environment (where they gain exposure to the host) and in our digestive systems. Studies have also pointed to many essential functions they perform. The most well-known and well-studied of these super probiotics are Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Pediococcus Acidilactici and Saccharomyces Boulardii. We have evolved to gain constant exposure to these strains from our food sources; however, in this modern age of sterilized food systems, these essential strains have been nearly eliminated and our exposure to them is very limited. This makes supplementing with them a very important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 reasons why the Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic should be your choice for an effective probiotic:

  • Designed by Nature – Our species has evolved to partner with these beneficial bacteria; we get beneficial bacteria and yeast in two ways: from our mother and from our environment. Since we cannot get reborn the only way to keep getting these necessary probiotic yeast and bacteria is from our environment. A true probiotic as designed by nature should exist in the environment, be naturally able to survive the harshness of the stomach and also be naturally adapted to living in the digestive tract. Bacillus spores are the best studied of this class of natural probiotics. The Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic is formulated to deliver a potent dose of these essential bacteria and fungal probiotics just as nature intended.
  • Survives with full potency – Since these Bacillus species, Pediococcus and fungal probiotics are naturally designed to be stable in the environment and in the stomach the specific dose intended is guaranteed. A total of over 8 billion cells are delivered to the digestive system to perform their probiotic function. Other probiotics that have to be refrigerated or encapsulated with protections (such as enteric coatings) are not designed to be stable in the environment or the stomach. They are not probiotics as nature intended nor can they guarantee the amount being delivered to the digestive system. This is partly why they tend to be formulated with such high cell counts.
  • Delivers key nutrients – Besides the digestive benefits and immune support, true probiotics should also provide key nutrients to their host by producing these nutrients right in the digestive tract and at the site of absorption. The strains found in our Ultimate Probiotic have been shown to produce important levels of key digestive enzymes - vitamin K, quinols, activated B vitamins and even omega fatty acids - right in the digestive system. These probiotics act like little nutrient factories in your body. Ultimate Probiotic is the first product to capture this special ability of certain probiotic strains.
  • Highest Quality – All strains used in the Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic have been specifically licensed from a top university to ensure safety and potency. It is important to know what you are ingesting; Ultimate Probiotic guarantees that what you see on the label is what enters your body to promote health and wellness. This is done by the industry’s first DNA verification program of probiotic species.
  • Gut Modulation and Repair – The probiotic strains in Ultimate Probiotic are the first that have shown the ability to actually make permanent changes in the gut. They shift the balance of good to bad bacteria, heal the intestinal walls and mucosa and make permanent changes to how the immune system (80% of which is in the gut) functions. They are designed by nature to be the gut police; they seek out and eliminate bad bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The strains in Ultimate Probiotic have also been shown to detox the gut from toxins that enter in via food, for example deoxynivalenol(DON). Through modern lifestyle we assault our gut everyday; we need the daily protection that the Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic offers to one of our most important organs.
  • Supported by Science – All strains in the Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic have published studies to demonstrate their function as potent probiotics. You can feel confident that what you are taking has been carefully studied by some of the world’s top researchers in the field.

Silver Fern's™ Ultimate Probiotic is the first probiotic formula to capture the power of over 100,000 years of natural design in a single pill and to deliver strains that have been shown to produce important nutrients for its host.


We all have that friend or family member who can eat virtually anything and not gain weight. We also know people who can get away with a not-so-healthy diet and still stay lean (or at least not put on unwanted weight as quickly as most other people do). We typically credit those features to the person having a “high metabolism,” implying that they simply burn more calories than others while doing the same, normal, daily activities. This idea is actually false and recent scientific discoveries on the microbiome (the collection of organisms that live in and on us) have shed some light on this topic.

As it turns out, our gut bacteria and the type of species we have in our digestive tract play a critical role in determining if we are going to be lean or obese. They play a paramount role in our risk for developing Type 2 diabetes and seem to determine how many unhealthy snacks or meals we can get away with before we start gaining unwanted pounds.

The latest research has shown that the type of bacteria you have in your gut controls the amount of calories you extract from the food you eat, the types of food you crave and also what that food converts to in the digestion process. Foods consumed (especially carbohydrates) can be converted to compounds that lead to insulin resistance, fat storage, gas production and metabolites that cause inflammation. The flip side to that coin is that the right bacteria can convert those same foods to very important compounds that increase insulin sensitivity, increase fat burn, prevent fat storage, reduce inflammation, reduce gas production and actually improve satiety. These effects are realized by turning on crucial genes in the digestive tract that control our metabolic fate. We are either programmed to easily gain and retain weight or to be lean; the good news is that this programming can be changed by using the right probiotic bacteria and feeding those good bacteria with the right types of nutrients. 

How Do We Restore our Metabolism?

From the microbial side, we must pay attention to two important things. The first is the ratio of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes in your gut. Lean people studied from all over the world and among many different cultures tend to have a slightly higher ratio of Bacteroidetes versus Firmicutes. Having higher Firmicutes is directly associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and inflammation. There are a few simple things one can do to help alter the ratio of these two phylum of bacteria and reach the desired balance that will help keep you healthy and lean. 

  • Bacteroidetes love fiber. Consuming foods and snacks that are high in fiber and low or absent in sugar will support the growth of the good Bacteroidetes bacteria. Silver Fern™ Brand offers a number of delicious food options that have no sugar and yet contain high fiber and high proteins. Yes, you can eat pancakes and stay lean as long as those pancakes are high-fiber, high-protein and have no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Firmicutes love sugar and simple carbohydrates. In fact, if you have an overgrowth of Firmicutes you likely get sugar and carbohydrate cravings. These bacteria are so powerful that they can send neurotransmitters to your brain to make you crave sugar. They do this to get the host (you) to feed them the nutrients they want. Processed simple carbohydrates and sugars feed Firmicutes and thus lead to weight gain and metabolic syndrome. You can have chocolate without causing an unfavorable shift in your gut bacteria as long as that chocolate doesn’t have sugar, processed carbohydrates (like starches) or artificial sweeteners.
  • Try to consume all your calories for the day in an eight- to ten-hour window. Our microbes in the gut go through a cycle like our circadian rhythm does and when we remain in a fed state for much of the day we prevent this beneficial microbial recycling from happening. Having a fasting period of 12 hours or more in the day allows for beneficial bacterial growth and seems to support the growth of Bacteroidetes.

The second important microbial technique is to get the right probiotics into your system with your meals to ensure that the healthy fibers and protein you are consuming are being converted to fat-busting compounds instead of gas. It’s not enough to eat a high-fiber diet since many of the “bad” or unfavorable bacteria can also consume the fiber and turn that fiber into gas. Many have experienced this. You eat a bunch of “healthy” high-fiber foods and all you get is gassiness and bloating. This is because unfavorable bacteria in the gut convert the fiber into hydrogen and methane gas instead of the critical fat-busting compounds known as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). If you consume sugar-free, high-fiber foods and snacks with the right probiotic bacteria the fiber will be converted to SCFAs instead of gas. This is a critical step in getting the metabolic benefits out of the healthy fiber. Without this crucial conversion your body simply continues to: absorb high amounts of calories; suppress fat burning; increase fat storage; produce gas; and increase insulin resistance. 

Ultimate Probiotic is formulated with a unique combination of probiotic bacteria that have been shown to convert fibers in the diet to the much-desired SCFAs. This formulation is built with unique endospore-forming gut bacteria called bacillus species. In studies completed at Ghent University’s ProDigest research firm it was demonstrated that the addition of the strains in the Ultimate Probiotic with fiber increased the production of SCFAs by 40% and decreased the production of gas by 50%. This is exactly the type of modulation you want to see when consuming fiber-rich foods with a probiotic; no other probiotic strains have shown this type of metabolic response to fiber thus far.

Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Metabolic Restoration

Dozens of clinical trials and published studies have shown that SCFAs control the entire metabolic process. SCFAs regulate the balance between fatty acid synthesis (making of fat), fatty acid oxidation (burning of fat), and lipolysis (breaking down and absorption of fat from diet) in the body. Burning of fat is activated by SCFAs, while production of stored fat and lipolysis are inhibited. The net result is a reduction of the concentrations of free fatty acids in plasma and a decrease in body weight. The studies published on SCFAs show a direct effect in the increased SCFA formation in the gut by good bacteria and their stimulation of fat burning, increased fat loss and reduction in fat accumulation. This is the most direct evidence there is for changing someone's metabolism. These changes are conducted at the genome level where SCFAs can actually turn on fat-burning genes and turn off fat-storage genes. That is the true goal for permanent weight loss, the restoration of gene expression that controls how one’s body responds to food. With this approach we are changing the epigenetics (modification of gene expression) of metabolism. We are affecting gene expression to favor a lean body. This approach is a much more powerful and permanent approach than the standard weight loss formulation of calculating calories in versus calories out. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how SCFAs actually make genetic expression changes in the body to effect metabolic health. The three main SCFAs are butyrate, propionate and acetate. These are ONLY produced by good bacteria, such as those found in Ultimate Probiotic, and are not extracted from foods or produced by the human body itself. Butyrate has been shown in published trials to be able to prevent diet-induced insulin resistance. This is achieved by promoting the expression of genes that increase energy expenditure, thus burning off more blood sugar and fat as well as increasing mitochondria function – the powerhouse of each cell. Acetate has been shown to decrease the expression of several genes in the liver that produce fatty acids for storage. This inhibition may hinder fat storage; thus acetate has the potential to improve obesity and obesity-linked, type-2 diabetes. Butyrate and propionate have been shown in published studies to induce gut hormones that cause improved satiety and reduce food intake. Overeating is a fundamental issue in dysfunctional metabolic health. The sensitivity to satiety hormones tends to decrease over time with continued overeating; improving satiety is a key component to restoration the metabolism. Acetic acid has been shown to increase the expression of genes that support fat burning in the liver and also that suppress body fat accumulation. Upregulating genes do this type of gene restoration for PPAR-alpha and related fat-burning proteins by alpha2 AMPK mediation. This is an example of the specific gene modifications these amazing nutrients make in our metabolic system, thus restoration our bodies to become fat-burning machines.

The Story Gets Deeper if You Want More Specific Technical Information

SCFAs have been shown to increase the AMPK activity in liver and muscle tissue. AMPK is AMP-activated protein kinase, which is a critical, keystone enzyme found in the liver and muscle tissues, and plays a major role in the control of metabolism. Activation of AMPK triggers peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator (PGC)-1α expression, which is known to control the transcriptional activity of several transcription factors such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)α, PPARδ, PPARγ, liver X receptor (LXR), and farnesoid X receptor (FXR), all important in regulation of cholesterol, lipid and glucose metabolism. As a consequence, fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) is enhanced in both tissues (liver and muscles) and new fatty acid synthesis (production of new fat) in the liver is decreased. In addition, SCFAs have been shown to increase protein expression of PGC-1α and uncoupling protein (UCP)-1 in brown adipose tissue, thereby increasing thermogenesis (calorie burn) and fatty acid oxidation (fat burn).

With a diet rich in healthy fibers, low or absent in sugars, and high in protein, taken with these key strains of bacillus endospores, the body becomes reprogrammed (through modification of key genetic activation) to: favor fat burn; reduce fat accumulation; increase energy metabolism; increase caloric burn; increase thermogenesis; increase satiety; and increase insulin sensitivity.  

This is where permanent and powerful weight loss and metabolic health come from. Weight can be lost by simply taking in fewer calories than you expend and there are dozens upon dozens of weight loss products out there that help with weight reduction in the short term; however, this Metabolic Restoration is the only way to change the body to become a long-term, fat-burning machine. 


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Scientific Team Behind Silver Fern™ Brand Ultimate Probiotic

Ultimate Probiotic is manufactured under the highest standards of quality assurance in an NSF Certified cGMP facility. NSF certification is the current gold standard in dietary supplement manufacturing with the most extensive quality assurance and quality control requirements. This level of quality control ensures a safe and effective product from every batch manufactured.

Silver Fern’s™ Ultimate Probiotic has been formulated by Microbiome Labs, LLC., an industry leader in probiotic manufacturing, research and development. Microbiome Labs formulates, produces and distributes pharmaceutical grade probiotics for the medical office, hospital, nursing home and dietary supplement markets. Microbiome Labs is also involved in the development of probiotic prescription pharmaceuticals in some markets. The executive and scientific board of Microbiome Labs is made up of doctors and researchers with over 60 years’ combined medical, research, manufacturing and scientific development experience. Heading up Microbiome Labs, in part, is microbiologist and clinical researcher, Kiran Krishnan, who acts as chief science officer. Kiran has over 20 years’ experience in the dietary supplement and medical food industry, both in clinical research and product development. Kiran has developed several novel nutritional platforms that are utilized in the market today and holds several patent applications for nutritional technologies. The president of Microbiome Labs is Dr. Tom Bayne, a functional medicine specialist and chiropractic physician. Dr. Bayne has over 25 years’ experience in the clinical applications of nutritional therapy as well as the formulation and production of dietary supplement products. Dr. John Abernethy, M.D. acts as the medical director for Microbiome Labs and brings extensive clinical and research experience to the team. Dr. Abernethy has conducted over 60 human clinical trials and sits on the advisory board to a pharmaceutical company. He has an active clinical practice and is associated with the University of Florida Medical School. Finally, Microbiome Labs has Dr. Andrew J. Campbell, M.D. as medical advisor on their scientific team. Dr. Campbell is an immunologist and allergist with over 35 years’ clinical and research experience. Dr. Campbell is the editor-in-chief of the highly respected, peer reviewed Medical Journal – Alternative Therapies. Dr. Campbell brings over 35 years’ clinical, editorial, research and formulation experience to the Microbiome Labs team.

Microbiome Labs sources all the bacillus spore strains from Synergia Life Science, which is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and technology development company. Synergia is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of natural compounds from fermentation at the highest pharmaceutical standards. All products are produced under NSF GMP, UL cGMP and ISO standards at Synergia. All the spore strains are licensed from Royal Holloway London University, the global leader in bacillus spore research and development. All strains in The Ultimate Probiotic originated out of the laboratories of London University and have gone through decades of study by the world’s top probiotic researchers before being acquired by Microbiome Labs and formulated into the finished product. All strains have been extensively studied for safety and toxicology; in addition, several human clinical trials for efficacy are in progress. Utilizing university-developed strains is paramount in really understanding the function of a probiotic strain in the human body and having a properly characterized species. Between London University, Synergia Life Science and Microbiome Labs, some of the industry’s top minds with the most extensive field experience support our Ultimate Probiotic.

Novel Ultimate Probiotic Bacteriotherapy


Silver Fern™ Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic is the first probiotic bacteriotherapy product that has combined three of the world’s most well studied and widely used probiotic strains: Saccharomyces boulardii; Bacillus species (Bacillus subtilis HU58, Bacillus clausii, and Bacillus coagulans); Pediococcus acidilactici.

Bacilli spores, Pediococcus bacteria and Saccharomyces boulardii fungus are a natural part of the human environment. For thousands of years humans have consumed spores, bacteria and fungus as part of their diets. Spores and Pediococcus are organisms found in the soil and were abundant in the foods our ancestors ate. Grains, meats, fruits and vegetables all contained spores that led to a symbiotic relationship between these critical, supportive organisms and humans. S. boulardii is found growing on the surface of certain fruits but modern food systems have sterilized processing where all fruits, vegetables and meats are washed and treated with strong antimicrobials, essentially eliminating our exposure to these necessary organisms. In turn, our health has suffered. Rates of opportunistic infection steadily increase while gastrointestinal health declines. As nutrient absorption decreases lifestyle diseases caused by nutrient deficiencies are on the rise. Due to the increasing absence of these spores from our daily lives our overall immune systems no longer function at optimal levels. It is clear that supplementation is critical. Proper supplementation requires that a company identify the most natural form and formulation to deliver these life-enhancing probiotics.

Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic fungus that has been popularized by a branded product called Florastor®. S. boulardii is typically used for the prevention or treatment of various diarrheas: those resulting from antibiotics, infections, traveling or tube feeding. Saccharomyces boulardii is also used for general digestive disorders.

Pediococcus acidilactici is a natural component of the micro intestinal flora; it is safe (belongs to the GRAS list) and has been well studied in the feed field where several probiotic effects have been reported. P. acidilactici was isolated from a vegetable source. It reduces food storage spoilage by inhibiting pathogens and putrefactive bacteria. This strain is very resistant to destruction by stomach acids. Animal research has shown that P. acidilactici is able to balance the intestinal microflora and reduce the risk of suboptimal health. Moreover, current results indicate that P. acidilactici is able to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the intestines as well as support a healthy immune response. P. acidilactici produces several different antimicrobial compounds that lessen the number of pathogenic bacteria. It actively competes against Listeria

Bacillus clausii is among the most commonly used probiotic strains for bacteriotherapy in a variety of applications. B. clausii has over 50 years of clinical applications in the pharmaceutical industry with high efficacy and excellent tolerability. One of the first commercial probiotic products ever launched into the market was the prescription product Enterogermina® by Sanofi-Aventis, in Italy, in 1958. The product is still marketed today in Europe, Latin American and some Asian countries.

Since the onset of clinical use of b.clausii in 1958, a number of clinical studies have demonstrated efficacy and safety. Of note are clinical studies assessing the effect of b.clausii liquid suspension on modulating the immune responses in allergic children with recurrent respiratory infections (CIPRANDI et al., 2004; CIPRANDI et al., 2005a; CIPRANDI et al., 2005b). After administration of the probiotic, nasal symptoms and eosinophil counts in allergic children were significantly reduced. In these studies, a Th1 (T-helper 1) bias was observed showing that ingestion of b.clausii liquid suspension could enhance the cellular immunity in allergic children who normally carry a Th2 bias. These studies have been further supported by studies from Marseglia et al (MARSEGLIA et al., 2007) who have examined the duration and rate of respiratory infections in 40 children (mean age 4.3 ± 1.5 yrs.). After administration of b.clausii for 90 days they observed a decrease in the duration of respiratory infection. Other clinical trials have examined the positive effect of b.clausii on the side effects of antibiotic-based Helicobacter pylori therapy (NISTA et al., 2004) and on urinary tract infections (FIORINI et al., 1985). Additionally, a 2005 study (SIMONA Di CARO et al.) revealed in vivo gene expression and down regulation that indicates a potent immunomodulatory effect of b.clausii probiotic therapy.

Bacillus subtilis HU58 has been extensively studied on a genetic and functional level. Several probiotic products in the pharmaceutical and agricultural markets utilize this powerful probiotic. One very interesting function of b. subtilis is its ability to produce nearly 12 strong antibiotics that are potent fighters of opportunistic and harmful bacteria. This is part of its wide use in high-level feed products. B. subtilis HU58 offers The Ultimate Probiotic the ability to prevent harmful bacteria growth in a variety of conditions. HU58 also produces a very healthy compound called Nattokinase. Nattokinase is a key compound found in the Japanese food Natto that uses b. subtilis for the fermentation of soybeans. The serine protease known as Nattokinase is secreted from vegetative cells of b. subtilis and has been shown to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and excessive clotting by fibrinolysis. Along with Nattokinase, b. subtilis also produces a number of other nutrients that have systemic health benefits. B. subtilis digests the incoming food and generates these nutrients in return. B. subtilis HU58 offers The Ultimate Probiotic the important function of fighting off bad bacteria while producing key nutrients in the gut itself. In addition, HU58 is an extremely potent immune stimulator. It has the function of germinating in the small intestines to some degree; this offers the effect of broad-spectrum immune stimulation.

Bacillus Subtilis HU58 has also been shown to digest dietary starches into short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) such as butyrate, acetate and propionate, which affect a variety of health conditions. These SCFAs are readily absorbed. Butyrate is the major energy source for colonocytes. Propionate is largely taken up by the liver. Acetate enters the peripheral circulation to be metabolized by peripheral tissues. Specific SCFAs may reduce the risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Acetate is the principal SCFA in the colon and has been shown to increase cholesterol synthesis after absorption. However, propionate, a gluconeogenerator, has been shown to inhibit cholesterol synthesis. Therefore, substrates that can decrease the acetate-propionate ratio may reduce serum lipids and possibly lower cardiovascular disease risk, as well. Butyrate has been studied for its role in nourishing the colonic mucosa and in the prevention of cancer of the colon by promoting cell differentiation, cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis of transformed colonocytes, thus inhibiting the enzyme histone deacetylase and decreasing the transformation of primary to secondary bile acids as a result of colonic acidification. Therefore, a greater increase in SCFA production and potentially a greater delivery of SCFA (specifically butyrate) to the distal colon may result in a protective effect.

Bacillus Coagulans is a powerful probiotic strain that is therapeutically prescribed to patients needing acute immune support in Israel, France & Germany. Research and clinical practice has shown strong evidence for b. coagulans’ ability to fight off invading viruses and pathogens. Bacillus coagulans typically lives in the digestive tract and has also been shown to decrease abdominal pain and bloating symptoms caused by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). This probiotic is extremely hardy and can easily survive stomach acid to colonize the entire GI tract. B. coagulans is closely related to other soil-based-organism probiotics. This probiotic was first discovered around 1930 and was even used in World War II to treat people with digestive issues such as dysentery.

Product Overview

Product Description

An encapsulated probiotic product packaged in a 150cc PET bottle. Each capsule contains a dose of 4 X 10^9 cfu Bacillus Clausii, Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Pediococcus Acidilactici and Saccharomyces Boulardii. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Mechanism of Action

Saccharomyces Boulardii, Bacillus subtilis, Pediococcus Acidilactici and Bacillus clausii are normal inhabitants of the intestine with no pathogenic powers. When administered orally, Saccharomyces Boulardii, B. subtilis and B. clausii spores, due to their high-resistance to both chemical and physical agents, cross the barrier of the gastric juices reaching the intestinal tract unharmed, where they are transformed into metabolically active vegetative cells. The administration of these strains contributes to the recovery of the intestinal microbial flora altered during the course of microbial disorders of diverse origin. B. clausii is capable of producing various vitamins, particularly group B vitamins, which contributes to correcting the consequent vitamin disorders caused by antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents in general. B. clausii makes it possible to obtain a nonspecific antigenic and antitoxic action, closely connected with the metabolic action of clausii. B. clausii can also produce potent antibiotics that are lethal to a host of pathogenic organism. B. subtilis produces a variety of antibiotics to suppress the growth of opportunistic bacteria and produces high levels of SCFA such as butyrate; at the intestinal level butyrate plays a regulatory role on the trans-epithelial fluid transport, ameliorates mucosal inflammation and oxidative status, reinforces the epithelial defense barrier and modulates visceral sensitivity and intestinal motility, all critical functions of restoring proper function to the intestines.
In addition, all three species demonstrate a high degree of heterologous resistance to the antibiotics most commonly used, which provides for the creation of the therapeutic basis for preventing the alteration of the intestinal microbial flora following the selective action of antibiotics, especially the broad-spectrum ones, or to re-establish its balance. Due to its antibiotic resistance, S. Boulardii, b. subtilis and b. clausii can be administered during antibiotic therapy and in the interval between two doses of antibiotic. The antibiotic-resistance refers to penicillin, cephal-osporins, tetracyclines, macrolides, aminoglycosides, novobiocin, chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol, lincomycin, isoniazid, cycloserine, rifampicin, nalidixic acid and pipemidic acid. Additionally, b.clausii mitigates unfavorable allergic responses by modulating cytokines and regulating key gene expressions to favor non-inflammatory responses and non-hypersensitivity responses.


For children 2 years and older and adults: Acute diarrhea (less than 14 days); Adjunct to antibiotic therapy; Allergies and Sinusitis; Respiratory Health; Immune Support; Cold and Flu; Digestive Discomfort.

Competitive Position

Ultimate Probiotic is the ONLY probiotic therapy product that contains Saccharomyces Boulardii, Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Pediococcus Acidilactici and Bacillus Clausii – the most well studied and widely used probiotics with tremendous synergy. All strains have been proven to be safe and effective probiotics with over 50 years of pharmaceutical use. The cells remain viable for over 3 years in its finished form. The following are distinct advantages with use of Ultimate Probiotic:

  • Convenient and effective delivery – Compliance and ease of use is increased with just 1 capsule per day and the capsule can be opened and the powder mixed into any food or beverage.
  • No need for refrigeration – This is a major advantage as refrigerated shelf space and cold chain supply aren’t required.
  • Long shelf life – Stable for over 2 years+
  • High Barrier to Entry – None of the strains are widely available


Shelf Life: Stability in unopened container: 3 years.
No need for refrigeration – room temp storage is acceptable. Very heat stable up to 170 degrees F.

Drug Interactions

There are no known interactions subsequent to the concomitant use of other drugs.

Incompatibilities: There is no known incompatibility.

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with the use of the drug (up to the present time).

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