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Targeted Prebiotic - Gut Microbiome Fuel

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Unlike “traditional prebiotics” that feed both good and bad bacteria in the gut, our Targeted Prebiotic focuses on feeding the most important and beneficial microbial populations. This prebiotic powerhouse can reshape your gut’s microbial composition in as little as 4 weeks!1 The effect of these key microbial strains in your gut can be gut and life changing!

Prebiotic - Fuel for the Gut


Targeted Prebiotic - Reinforce the Gut Microbiome

Most "prebiotics" out there simply feed the gut bacteria, which works great for both the healthy and bad bacteria in your system. With the Silver Fern™ Targeted Prebiotic, our focused prebiotic supplement selectively promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and increases microbial diversity. This focus on the healthy bacteria can reshape your gut's microbial composition in as little as 4 weeks!1


WHY take the Targeted Prebiotic?

The main purpose of Targeted Prebiotic is to support the rapid increase of the bacteria that can be most beneficial to the body. The results of this targeted approach can have a dramatic effect on digestion14, metabolism, body composition13, as well as provide many other gut health benefits. Some benefits include:

  1. Rapidly reconditions the gut microbiome in 8 weeks or less when paired with the Ultimate Probiotic1,14*
  2. Fuels the growth of the most beneficial and impactful gut bacteria1,2,13,14*
  3. Helps resolve dysbiosis (gut bacteria imbalances)1-15*
  4. Improves gut bacteria diversity (microbial composition)14,15*
  5. Increases critical short-chain fatty acids like butyrate16*
  6. Protects the gut barrier16*
  7. Strengthens the gut barrier function16*

Targeted Prebiotic feeds and builds three keystone bacteria strains.  Healthy people typically have the strongest populations of:  

  1. Akkermansia muciniphila
  2. Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
  3. Bifidobacteria

For those with SIBO, IBS and similar symptoms:


Prebiotics are important for feeding the bacteria in your gut, however SIBO and IBS are conditions caused  by the overgrowth of certain bacteria in your gut. If you have these conditions or similar symptoms, we recommend using the Ultimate Probiotic for 1-2 months months before using Targeted Prebiotic. This allows the probiotic time to correct and clean up the strains in your gut before you feed your gut biome. Much like cleaning out your garden before fertilizing, this will allow you to correct your gut biome and then help it to flourish. When you’re ready to begin taking Targeted Prebiotic, start by easing into it with taking a smaller dose and then gradually increase into a full dose over time.

Directions for Targeted Prebiotic


The Ingredients in Targeted Prebiotic are supported by more than 60 publications and studies!1-16

    PreticX® - Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) derived from Non-GMO Corncobs.

    • Dramatic positive shift in bacteria populations*
    • Significantly modifies gut microbiota*
    • Enhances natural production of Bifidobacterium counts*
    • Improves Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio (gut microbiota changes for good)*
    • Increases good bacteria and reduces bad bacteria*
    • Promotes growth of specific bacteria already present in the intestine*
    • Significantly increases Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and Akkermansia muciniphila1-4,14*

    MicrobiomeX® - Antioxidant-rich phytonutrient (polyphenols) derived from citrus fruit.

    • Significantly expands Clostridium cluster XIVa*
    • Anti-inflammatory*
    • Significantly increases butyrate*
    • Protects and enhances the gut barrier*
    • Improves gut microbial composition*
    • Supports total body health*
    • Reverses the effects of diet-induced metabolic syndrome*
    • Reduces body fat accumulation5,6,16*

    ApplePhenon® Apple Polyphenols - Natural polyphenol concentrate from wild unripened apples.

    • Supports respiratory health*
    • Anti-inflammatory*
    • Improves cardiovascular health*
    • Enhances glucose management*
    • Promotes Skin care*
    • Helps weight management*
    • Strengthens gut barrier function*
    • Boosts metabolic health*
    • Increases glucose tolerance7-11,13*


    The Science and Studies?

    Targeted Prebiotic Keystone Strains




    K2D3 Supplement Facts
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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