Other signs of depression - gut health, saffron

If you frequently have these issues, you may have some form of depression.

Depression doesn't just come with sadness, a poor mood, a bad outlook on life, etc. Everyone talks about depression as if the only sign is "You feel down." Not true.

Depression also comes with random bouts of being mean suddenly, lashing out at stupid things, sudden flashes of anger, etc. The most common one many may not recognize is that "crossed-lined" situation where you have had enough and then suddenly something else happens (usually something stupid), but you just lose your crap because of it. Hello, depression.

Yes, talk to a professional.

Yes, change your lifestyle and make modifications.

And maybe talk with your doctor about combining saffron and l-theanine to see if that may be an option for you.

Personally speaking, I combine saffron and l-theanine. It took about 6 to 8 weeks to take the edge off.

Depression is caused by several things, one of which is chronic stress.

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