Men in their 20s have 50% less testosterone - gut health, hormones

But there's more.

Did you know that sleep apnea can cause low testosterone? Before you or a man in your life decide to take the jump to testosterone replacement therapy, consider getting checked for sleep apnea. Did you know using a CPAP correctly and consistently for 3 months can significantly increase testosterone levels in men?

Did you know that improving both insulin and leptin resistance in men can improve testosterone levels? For this reason, our science team is very focused right now on a new metabolic product. This may be very helpful for increasing testosterone in men.

Did you know that both supplementing with saffron and reducing stress can help increase testosterone levels? (Hello, Stress Complex).

Yes, detoxing the body of chemicals and such can also be extremely helpful for testosterone production and balancing other hormones.

Our two detoxing experts are Michelle Jenkins and Colleen LaBanca. If you'd like their help let us know.

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