Lab work we find beneficial - gut health, hormones

No, we do not require lab work before starting a gut health protocol. Our protocols are very focused on nutrient absorption, helping with inflammatory concerns, cleaning out pathogens, etc.

But, for ourselves (and we suggest others), we feel it is wise to see how your body is doing and measure that by checking your vitamins, minerals, inflammatory markers, hormone levels, A1C, etc. BTW- many of your markers should improve when doing the gut health protocols and taking other supplements.

Personally speaking, when my hormones are low I am exhausted. It really affects me. When my hormones are in optimal levels I feel much better.

One concern I have had (personally speaking), is that doctors like to play in really wide ranges for what is "acceptable." But even within those "acceptable" ranges I can still feel crappy. Therefore, I like to keep my levels optimal, not "acceptable." I work hard with my doctor to make sure I stay at optimal levels.

I get my blood work done 2-3 times a year and discuss with my doctors which panels I would also like to see because I am wanting to follow up (progress check) very specific areas.

Would any of you like to know the optimal levels for all of these areas? If so, let us know below. We will provide posts for optimal levels for your blood work.

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