Elevated cortisol causes weight gain - gut health, stress, cortisol, saffron

How is your diet and exercise program going? Did you know that elevated cortisol can lead to weight gain? Many people with obesity issues have elevated cortisol levels.

Did you know a key to long-term weight management is helping with cortisol (stress)? 👍🏼

When stress increases, cortisol secretion increases. This then increases the release of glucose in the blood to resist and counter the stress.

Did you know that there is a type of saffron (Safr'Inside®at 30 mg per day) shown to effectively help reduce cortisol by 44% over 8 weeks? Saffron is key to cortisol balance too. Meaning, it is unlikely that saffron can lower cortisol levels below normal.

Safr'Inside® is key to helping the body cope with stress.

If you want our approach to helping with stress or have questions, please send us a DM with #Stress on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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