Silver Fern Elevated Plan & Ultimate Probiotic

Join the weight loss revolution! It's not a weight loss pill, it's a probiotic that will elevate any diet.

What is the ELEVATED Plan?

The Silver Fern ELEVATED Plan is a detailed weight loss plan designed to boost nearly any diet. Feel like you’re stuck and no longer making progress in your weight loss journey? The ELEVATED Plan will fix that! It combines forces to provide you with permanent weight loss, improved gut health, reduced sugar craving, and more!

What is the Ultimate Probiotic?

What many people don’t know is that not all probiotics are alike. Even fewer are aware of what a huge difference the right probiotic can make when it comes to losing weight. Eliminating bad gut bacteria is crucial in keeping the weight off, and that’s exactly what the Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic does!

Recent findings show that 90% of probiotic supplements on the market do not accurately show the correct bacteria strains on their nutritional label. This happens mainly because they are not DNA Verified.

Most probiotics are dead on the shelf! Dead probiotics are a waste of money and provide no benefit. If the product does not guarantee the survivability through the GI Tract, do not buy it!

What does the Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic have that other probiotics are missing?

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I've spent the last two decades helping to change lives through better fitness and nutrition and know there are critical and absolutely necessary keys for weight loss success. I am implementing Silver Fern™ ELEVATED program in BrideBod, my new personal training program, because it helps my clients break their junk food addictions, reprogram their metabolisms, and turn their body's into fat burning machines. Silver Fern™ ELEVATED is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight!
As a lifestyle coach who has trained athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for years, I know how to change bodies. My company, IronHeelz Fitness Training, has chosen to ELEVATE our program because I need my clients to be lean premanently, and combining the right probiotics with high fiber makes this possible. If you are struggling to lose fat, then the ELEVATED plan is exactly what you need. Just ask my other clients!