Based on your answers, your relationship with food is what's called a Turbulent Frenemy...

You love it and you hate it at the same time.

If you pig out or indulge, you just don't feel right. But the strange thing is even when you eat healthy, or light, you still feel awful.

You're caught in the middle of stormy seas. Not knowing what to do, where to go or who to turn to.

Here's what's going on:

The inner balance you need to feel good and complete is off-kilter. It's holding you back from experiencing your life to the fullest, leaving you trapped in an abusive relationship with food and your own body.

And you're caught in the middle:

  • Eating can often feel like a chore.
  • Lifting your fork only because it's time to eat.
  • Never really experiencing the full flavor of your food.

Turbulent Frenemy types like you tend to have slow moving digestive systems. So you often feel bloated, stuffed, or gassy after a meal. Your stomach feels like a balloon that's ready to burst.

If that wasn't bad enough, bowel issues such as constipation or loose stools are a regular nightmare.

It seems every time you eat something "harmless" you end up in excruciating pain for hours. Or curled up in a ball with an ice pack or worse, making a mad and embarrassing dash to the bathroom. You miss out on all the good times with family and friends.

But here's the real shocker:

Eating "healthy" food doesn't always mean being and staying healthy.

You envy the people who have "cast iron stomachs." They eat whatever they want, nothing ever bothers them, and they never gain an ounce. They can eat whatever they want and stay thin as a rail.

That's because they have the right balance of bacteria in their gut. If you don't, you could be in BIG trouble. Not only with digestive issues but more serious heart and liver problems that could eventually land you in the hospital.

But the good news is, you can change your gut flora, and change it faster than you might imagine. And feel better than you ever have in your life.

For Turbulent Frenemy types like you, trusting your instincts is critical. But be cautious because your stomach often LIES to you.

You can only eat certain foods or else your stomach really acts up.

Kiran Krishnan is a Research Microbiologist. He is currently involved in 4 novel human clinical trials on probiotics and the human microbiome.

The fact is, your bad gut microbes are winning the battle in your bowel. The’re stripping you of nutrients, good digestion and causing you real agony.

So what do you do?

A good probiotic balances your system like a great insurance policy - exactly where you need to be keeping those turbulent digestive waves in your stomach at bay.


You've either been told... "just eat right" or "that's just the way you are".

But it's a BIG LIE.

According to top medical microbiologist, Kiran Kirshnan, the key to good digestion and good health starts in your gut.

That's because it's your natural protective barrier against stomach upset.

The sad truth is you're afraid to change your diet.

You just want to be able to enjoy yourself and be present in the moment, eat what you want, and still feel good.

But the worst part is you keep blaming yourself, when the real culprit is something else...

So stop blaming yourself because...

It's NOT YOU...
It's The BAD Bacteria
That's Going Wild In Your Body!

It's destroying your relationship with food so your body is no longer in balance.

That's when that awful upset feeling really takes hold (That's when the bad bacteria starts to control you.)

Remember the bad bacteria in your gut is feeding on what IT craves.

You get impatient, frustrated and lash out. You just want to sit with an ice pack away from everyone in your family, but they need you, and you aren't there for them.

And it's sabotaging your health and weight loss.

You see, the bad bacteria in your gut is making you crave those bad foods... because it's literally feeding on them.

Bad digestion -- gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), slows your metabolism down to a crawl.

Causing you to feel tired, out of shape, always hungry and totally exhausted.

Keeping you on the weight loss "merry go round" where you keep gaining -- and losing -- the same 5 - 10 pounds over and over again.

That's when the worry, anxiety and stress really takes hold. (That's when the bad bacteria starts controlling you.)

The answer is

  • You don't have an intolerance to food.
  • You don't need to eat less.
  • You don't need to change your diet.

...None of that is going to get rid of the overgrown bad bacteria festering in your gut that's causing you agony.

If you're suffering from digestive problems – gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation – or struggling to drop those hard-to-lose 5-10 pounds... or if you just don't feel quite right, not as healthy or energetic as you need to be...

It could be much more serious than you realize.

You probably have what's called a 'toxic tummy.'

In just a few minutes, I'm going to reveal a revolutionary new health discovery that's light years beyond anything on the market.

A totally new, unique, scientifically proven system that'll restore your digestive system so it runs like a super immunity so you can ward off sickness...and help you finally shed those few extra pounds WITHOUT dieting...

And most importantly, it'll help you feel and look better than you have in years and get your life back on track.

Like a see-saw your system will start to balance out in as little as a few short weeks. With no dangerous medication. And absolutely no side effects.

This powerful and fast-acting new discovery is based on the cutting-edge science. It truly is your long-awaited solution that allows your body to almost magically regulate itself. So you get healthier. And stay that way.

Imagine what this can mean for you.

  • ...No more awful stomach pains that double you over.
  • ...No more embarrassing long trips to the bathroom.
  • ...No more craving for foods that aren't good for you.
  • ...No more "settling" for clothes that don't quite fit right.

And no more feeling exhausted and run down all the time, with barely enough energy to get out of bed and none to do the things you need to do every day.

And as you now know, the key to good health starts in your gut. That's because it's your body's natural barrier against illness and disease – containing a whopping 70% of your immune cells.

The problem is that your digestive system is totally out of whack. Instead of having a healthy ratio of 85% 'good' bacteria to 15% 'bad' bacteria, the ratio is reversed.

The bad bugs have taken over and are wreaking havoc on your immune system and taking a huge toll on your health.

Every day that passes, your body becomes more and more vulnerable to sickness and less able to fight it of naturally.

The truth is, you have to do something about it – and fast. Or like millions of Americans with toxic tummies, you could end up in the hospital.

It's really that serious.

So why is this happening?

Times have changed and not for the best. Along came processed food, preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones, refined sugar, along with the added toxins and heavy metals in the air and water and – BOOM – your digestive bacteria got totally out of balance.

This alone is a digestive nightmare. But here's the real problem:

If this toxic mess continues to fester long enough, it starts to leak into your system – and you can come down with colds and the flu, infections, eye and ear problems and even more serious issues like joint pain, liver and heart troubles, and even organ failure.

It's a problem so widespread that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a dire warning about the dangers of digestive disorders.

Avoid the 4 'Quick Fix' Mistakes
That Actually Make Things WORSE!

Right now, you might be thinking of just running down to your local drug stores and picking up one of the many laxatives or cleaners on the market to fix yourself up.


QUICK FIX MISTAKE #1: Laxatives & Cleanses: According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these over-the-counter remedies are HARMFUL if you use them longer than 2 weeks. That's because they use magnesium oxide that's habit-forming and can lead to decreased bowel function.

QUICK FIX MISTAKE #2: PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors (Prilosec® and Prevacid®): The FDA says you should only take them for 14 days because they can increase your risk of hip, bone and spinal fractures.

QUICK FIX MISTAKE #3: Kombucha & Yogurt: This fermented food is all the rage, but eating them won't help the good bacteria to colonize and flourish in your gut. The good bacteria in these foods and others simply die in your stomach before they ever get to your large intestine — so your symptoms will keep coming back.

QUICK FIX MISTAKE #4: An Ordinary Probiotic: The latest scientific thinking says that it's vital for everyone over 30 to take a probiotic to clean out the mess, balance your gut microbes, and get back to feeling better, lighter, bursting with energy and vitality. And stay that way.

Another common mistake is that it doesn't matter which one your choose, because all probiotics are the same, right? WRONG! You may be shocked to learn that many probiotics contain either the wrong strains of bacteria or too few 'good' bacteria.

Even worse, 95% of all probiotics DON'T make it into the intestines alive so they're completely useless to you. According to a 2015 University of California, Berkeley study, only 1 in 16 probiotics contained exactly what their label stated.

The Most Revolutionary New
Digestive Health Advance in Decades

Now, there's a powerful new advanced probiotic that targets your specific food relationship...

Silver Fern™ Ultimate Probiotic is so unique and so effective that it stops every one of your symptoms and "bullet-proofs" your digestive system against sickness.

Unlike harsh laxatives or awful-tasting, gritty fiber that can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and ordinary probiotics that don't clean and clear your system thoroughly and completely, Ultimate Probiotic acts like a "gardener" to your microbiome, nurturing the good bacteria to grow and thrive, removing the bad flora, and amping your immunity to the max.

Heal Your Gut And Heal Your Body

Your gut bacteria are responsible for getting you the nutrition it needs. An unhealthy mix of flora means you can't break down your food – and that leads to inflammation and digestive pain and discomfort along with a critical loss of nutrients your body needs to function efficiently.

Ordinary probiotics don't work hard enough to dispel all the toxins, the heavy metals, the bad bacteria, and don't infuse you with more of the good flora that's essential for your well-being.

Instead of addressing the actual cause of the problem, you get caught on the merry go round, and experience the same agonizing discomfort over and over again.

Ultimate Probiotics sweeps our colon clean and alleviates all your stomach problems once and for all.

It's the only one you can trust to:

  • Flush out bad bacteria, fungi, toxins, and heavy metals
  • Allow for the growth of more good bacteria and fights against bad bacteria
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • End stomach cramps
  • Help food digestion
  • Reduce gas and bloating
  • Improve stomach acidity
  • Restore proper balance to gut flora
  • Change your metabolism
  • Help manage mood
  • Improve glycemic control
  • Reduce gut inflammation
  • Repair intestinal damage
  • Aid in weight management
  • Boost energy levels

3 Powerful Reasons Why Ultimate Probiotic Works When Ordinary Probiotics Don't!

  1. Clinical Doses of Effective Strains 8 Billion Fungi-Fighting, Illness-Busting Bacterial To Your Rescue: What happens when your garden gets overgrown with weeds?

    The green grass and the flowers don't survive. That's what's happening in your gut. Ultimate Probiotic "weeds out" the bad bacteria like a expert gardener. So your good flora flourish flourishes, your system is balanced and back to regularity, your weight rolls off, and you're no longer a prisoner of a your cravings, and your misery is completely gone.

  2. 100% Survivability Verified: Ultimate Probiotic is different because it's a unique spore-forming probiotic that has a perfect 100% survivability rate. Which means the good flora is all active and thriving to give you the comfort and health you so desperately need.

    What's more, many ordinary probiotics contain a heat-sealed coating that kills the good flora long before you even buy it. And according to studies, most probiotics have a dismal 10% survive-ability in the harsh environment of your stomach.

  3. DNA Verified: According to a recent survey by U.C. Berkeley, only 7% of all probiotics available online delivered what they promised on their label.

    With Ultimate Probiotic, all our strains are tested and verified by a third party lab, Sun Genomics, so you can be assured that you're getting exactly what you pay for.

A Proprietary Blend of Fungi-Fighting,
Illness-Busting Bacteria
That Makes You Healthier

Ultimate Probiotic contains a whopping 8 billion "good" Colony Forming Units (CFUs).

And it's not just the size that's impressive. It's the power and strength of the good flora, all synergistically blended with 5 of the toughest, most active and most effective strains in one tiny capsule that have your digestive system running in tip-top condition faster than you'd ever imagine.

Bacillus Coaglans: This multi-faceted strain treats Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease and decreases abdominal pain and bloating symptoms caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Bacillus Subtilis HU58: Fights bacteria for a stronger immune system, increases short-chain fatty acid production which is key for boosting your metabolism and weight loss by up to an astounding 40%! And helps treat gut infections like SIBO, Candida, and parasites.

Saccharomyces Boulardii: Unique strain of probiotic yeast that fights disease-causing organisms in the gut, prevents diarrhea, and aids general digestion. It also helps seal your gut lining, modulates your immune system and decreases inflammation, which many experts believe is the source of almost every illness.

Peidiococcus Acidllactici: Transforms a dysfunctional immune system by balancing the intestinal microflora and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. It produces several antimicrobial compounds for dealing with pathogenic bacteria.

Bacillus Clausil: An Antibiotic-Proof Strain (And That's A Very Big Deal!) They are lifesavers, hailed as medical marvels for fighting infections. But now doctors know that antibiotics (meaning "against life") have a dark side. Like a runaway train, they mow down everything in your gut – including good microbes -- leaving your colon as a welcome mat for fungi, yeast and bad bacteria along with a weakened immune system, and a body that can't fully absorb essential nutrients.

Ultimate Probiotic includes the antibiotic-resistant Bacillus Clausil strain that's essential to help treat small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, recurrent respiratory and urinary tract infections, and to prevent diarrhea. It stands strong and is guaranteed to keep on protecting you – no matter how many antibiotics you take.

Title: Survival of Probiotics Through Stomach Digestion

The More You Compare Probiotics, the More
You'll See There's No Comparison

What Else Does a Balanced Digestive System Mean For You?...

1. A More Glowing Complexion And A Flatter Tummy

Feeling bloated and overweight? Don't like the way you look in your clothes? Your tummy bulge is caused by –- you guessed it -- bad bacteria. They've invaded your colon and you feel like a balloon ready to pop.

Ultimate Probiotic banishes all the gunk in your gut so you don't feel stuffed. Your tummy slims down and those impossible-to-lose 5-10 pounds are suddenly gone. And you can look in the mirror again – and actually like what you see!

2. A Lower Risk of High Blood Sugar

Scientists know that gut bacteria play a key role in your risk of developing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. If you have an imbalance of bad bacteria triggers inflammation so your body converts food that lead to insulin resistance, gas, and fat storage.

Ultimate Probiotic can help lower your risk by balancing the good and bad flora, increasing insulin sensitivity, increase fat burning and reducing inflammatory markers.

3. A Brighter Mood

SHOCKER: Depression & Anxiety Don't Begin In Your Head... But In Your Gut!

The release of serotonin and dopamine are the keys to a good mood. Contrary to popular belief, both originate not in the brain, but in the gut. A flood of bad bacteria in your gut causes real alterations in your brain that trigger anxiety and depression.

In another shocking twist, it's been noted that a single course of antibiotics can cause also contribute to a rapid onset of worry and apprehension. Ultimate Probiotic can make positive and permanent changes to your gut that can take away the "blues" and help brighten your mood.

4. Candida Yeast Growth Under Control
Once And For All

If you're suffering from candida, your life is a nightmare. Chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, recurring yeast infections, oral joint pain as well as oral thrush – those awful white bumps on your tongue or in your mouth –- may just be the start.

Many women turn to cleanses to wipe out the overgrowth, but they don't completely do the job. That's because you also need to replace the candida yeast overgrowth with healthy new bacteria. Ultimate Probiotic creates a strong, diverse, and balanced gut flora while modulating your immune system so the candida growth is controlled permanently.

Former Sufferers Rave
About Ultimate Probiotic

Less Sugar Cravings
Throughout the Day...
"I proudly use Silver Fern as my own daily probiotic. After taking it now for a few weeks I started noticing less sugar cravings throughout the day and more satisfaction after meals."
~ Katie Lemons
@twist_of_lemons (Health Blogger)
Noticed a Difference In My Skin
"My husband and I both noticed a difference in my skin. I didn't seem to break out as much (seriously I've tried everything with my dermatologist.) and I truly credit these probiotics! It's the only thing I did different."
~ Amanda Waltman
I Have Never Felt Better...
"I have never eaten a meal where I have not been bloated or uncomfortably full, gassy, or had some type of stomach problem or pain - despite how much food I eat. However in the past 2 weeks I have had absolutely ZERO bloat. I have never felt better."
~ Kaleigh M.

Your Body Is Talking to You...
Are You Listening?

It's often said that your body tells you how it feels, but you're just not listening. Or worse, ignoring the tell-tale signs.

So if you've been saying to yourself:

  • "It's only a little tummy trouble; it's no big deal..."
  • "I just feel run down and tired; it's nothing to worry about..."
  • "Everyone knows it's almost impossible to lose those last 10 pounds..."

But it's the little things that add up to big problems. And it all starts in your gut.

So don't fool around with ordinary laxatives, cleanses or probiotics that don't do a thorough or complete job of restoring your digestive track and getting you back to good health.

Good health depends on good working "plumbing." Ultimate Probiotic scrubs your digestive system clean as easily as brushing your teeth.

And nobody else has our exclusive 4-point guarantee:

  1. 100% Survivability
  2. DNA Verified
  3. Pharmaceutical grade
  4. Clinically proven

Ultimate Probiotic is the simple, smart and safe solution for ultimate good health.

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