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Endurance Energy - 60 Servings

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Endurance Energy Drink Mix by Silver Fern™ Brand elevates your body's ability to have increased energy capacity & generates more energy for a longer period of time. Get MORE Power, LONGER Endurance, and BETTER Moods in one delicious gluten free drink!


Endurance Energy Drink Mix

  • Improved Endurance
  • Increased Power

Silver Fern™ Brand Endurance Energy Drink Mix

Lasting Energy Throughout the Day!

We all reach a point where the demand for oxygen exceeds supply and our heart can't keep up. As your oxygen supply becomes limited your muscles switch into anaerobic sugar burning mode. This mode produces lactic acid and causes the infamous burn that forces us to stop whatever we are doing. Now, imagine that you could increase the amount of oxygen your blood carries to your muscles allowing you to power on through your workout and your day.

Well, you can, Silver Fern's Endurance can increase cardiac output, the volume of blood your heart pumps each minute, by up to 12%. A 12% increase in cardiovascular performance is the equivalent of up to 6 months' worth of training and an additional 60 liters of blood per hour! Endurance by Silver Fern™ Brand is a revolutionary approach to energy. It will boost energy recovery, reduce muscle stiffness, and provide lasting energy to power through any obstacle in your day. Oh, and it is vegan friendly and gluten free!



  • FERRAZONE® - Critical for binding oxygen to red blood cells and can produce more red blood cells. Red blood cells are the cells responsible for carrying oxygen to your body and are critical for maximizing performance.
  • VITAMIN K2-7 - High doses of K2-7 increase cardiac output. increased cardiac output improves performance.
  • D-RIBOSE - Helps with healthy blood flow and circulation.


  • VITAMIN K2-7 - Dramatically improves production of ATP. the active source of energy within cells. and increases cells' reserve energy capacity.
  • D-RIBOSE - Drives the body to replenish ATP and the other energy components in cells. improves endurance. shortens recovery time. and reduces cramping, soreness. and fatigue.
  • VITAMIN B12 - Acts as a cofactor for metabolic reactions and increases the efficiency of energy production.
  • VITAMIN B6 - Plays an active role in energy metabolism.


  • ALPHA-GPC - Increases the communication between muscles and nerves. and increases mental alertness and sharpness.
  • L-THEANINE - Has been shown to enhance mood, promote calmness, and improve alertness.


    Think about your body's cells like a bunch of tiny cars with V6 engines. On a typical day we only need them to cruise around at half power in order to get everything done. When we need a boost in performance we rev those engines up to maximum capacity, ultimately exhausting the engines. When all of these tiny cars finally max out they end up overheated, stressed, and in need of substantial rest. This exhaustion point is when you experience a crash in energy and must wait for your cells to recover.

    With Endurance by Silver Fern™ Brand you upgrade all of your tiny V6 engines to V12 engines. With this increased power capacity you no longer need to max out your engines when you need a performance boost. Instead, you can generate the same output at only 60% or 70% of your new maximum capacity. This improved energy efficiency allows your cells to sustain an energy boost for longer than was ever possible before.

    Endurance Nutritional Deck

    *** Note: Some binding or clumping may occur due to D-Ribose absorbing moisture from the air. This is common and not a problem. Flavor and potency will not be affected. To minimize/eliminate clumping, keep refrigerated after opening.***