While repairing & reconditioning the gut, the right enzymes can help-digestive enzymes, dairy, gluten, fodmap

While a person is working to repair and recondition their gut, they can either choose to avoid foods that cause issues, or they can use the right enzymes in the right way. ⁠
When I was trying to repair my gut, I was fine to avoid foods that caused me issues most of the time because I knew I was going to eventually be able to eat them all again. But when the weekend, holidays, or other food related celebrations came about I hated food avoidance. Hated it! ⁠
Going out with friends based upon what I could and couldn’t eat made me miserable, and I felt like my food issues were restricting my friends and family. Taking the⁠
right enzymes can help resolve these issues and bring some food freedom to life again.⁠

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