True probiotics and immunoglobulins actually detox the body-gut health, detoxification

“Detoxing doesn’t exist!”⁠

Sure, it does. Real detoxing is when real toxins have been clinically shown to be removed from the⁠ digestive tract and body by a certain product or ingredient. True probiotics meet that requirement.⁠

Others think that the body doesn’t need any help: “The body naturally detoxifies itself! I eat a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, so I am totally fine.” The truth is healthy eaters get sick all the time. Healthy eaters get SIBO, IBS, and other digestive problems. The gut does need support.⁠⁠

Serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI) contains three times more IgG and total⁠⁠ immunoglobulin compounds (IgA, IgM) than colostrum products. It is a very high concentration of IgG,⁠⁠ IgM, and IgA. SBI is the natural way to support healthy detoxification, decrease immune activation, strengthen gut barrier function, and improve digestion. (Ref. 7-9)⁠⁠

Introduce more troops into the gut daily to beat back gut problems!⁠⁠

4. 10/ImmunoLin_White_Paper_vs_Colostrum118.pdf⁠⁠

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