Traditional diets INCREASE cravings & appetite - gut health, weight loss, gut bacteria

Traditional diet programs increase cravings and increase appetite. The fact is that dieting increases out-of-control food cravings. When a person ignores hunger cues, the body increases the drive for food. It causes an obsession over food that leads to more hunger and a need for forbidden foods. ⁠
The truth is that unhealthy foods feed bad bacteria that rewards the pleasure sensors. Bad bacteria are going to⁠
push and push until they are given what they want (unhealthy foods).⁠

What’s the secret? Change the bacteria composition in the gut. Good bacteria crave healthy foods and unhealthy bacteria crave unhealthy foods. If one is truly trying to change appetite and cravings one must change gut health and specifically target bacterium types know to change the gut to reduce cravings and appetite. ⁠
Dieting is a million times easier when one isn’t constantly thinking of foods they crave and when large portions aren’t needed to satisfy the appetite.⁠
To get off this crazy cycle one must engage the correct lifestyle changes and supplements shown to change the gut bacteria types needed to change cravings, appetite, and the metabolism.⁠

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