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The right supplements can make a huge difference -probiotics, gut health, prebiotics, cleanse

I completely agree that “popping pills” doesn’t resolve everything. That’s true. But the right supplements (not all supplements) should make healthy lifestyle changes easier and more effective. ⁠
I find it so interesting that I hear from so many people something like, “All I need to do is eat more vegetables and fruits. I don’t any stupid supplements. What a waste of money!” when so many of the people reaching out to us start off their introductions with something like, “I eat healthy. I only drink water. I get plenty of sleep. But my stomach is having so many problems. I don’t know what to do.” ⁠
Is buying the wrong supplements a waste of money? Yes! Are all supplements a waste of money? No!⁠
I hope in our post messaging I haven’t inadvertently lost sight of the idea that one of the main purposes⁠
with our products is to help make healthy lifestyle choices preferred. ⁠
Silver Fern™ Brand wants its customers to find long-term success from our supplements by using them to make changes in diet, in portion sizes, and in the body’s response to foods consumed.⁠
I have personally used gut health improvements to make healthy lifestyle choices preferred. Meaning, I literally now prefer to live with healthier eating habits. I see better results from exercising, which makes it that much easier and more appealing. I take supplements daily. But I have also increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I like to try a broader variety of fruits and vegetables. I used to hate vegetables and I definitely didn’t prefer fruits. ⁠
The products have helped me change my behaviors for the better and in return I am healthier.⁠
Do our products work? My experience with them is a resounding “YES.” But we are also using them to⁠
better align our lifestyle choices. Do I still have cheat eating windows that would make most normal⁠
people say, “Oh my. He has a problem!?” Yes. But my health is still really good. I have found my balance.⁠

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