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Researchers Say Diet Drinks Trigger Weight Gain

Posted by Silver Fern™ Brand on

Researchers Say Diet Drinks Trigger Weight Gain

Welcome to the New Year! For all too many of us, January is the month when Americans launch new health goals, plans, and fitness regimes by way of New Year's Resolutions. If diet, sugar-free drinks are part of the diet plans you have created, researchers suggest that you may be sabotaging your efforts. An article from The Telegraph further explains:

“Sugar-free and diet drinks are not helpful for weight loss and could even cause people to pile on the pounds, researchers at Imperial College have claimed.”

“Although artificially-sweetened beverages contain fewer calories than sugary versions, researchers say they still trigger sweet receptors in the brain, which may make people crave food. Coupled with the fact that most people view diet drinks as healthier, it could lead to over-consumption, the researchers argue.”

“’For people seeking to manage their weight tap water is without question the best drink to choose, for health and the environment, but for many people who are used to drinking sugary drinks this will be too hard a change to make,’” said Prof Jebb, Professor of Diet and Population Health at the University of Oxford.”

If you want to learn more about how diet drinks may be sabotaging your diet, click here to read the entire article - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/01/03/diet-drinks-not-healthy-could-trigger-weight-gain-say-researchers/

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