Probiotics can help improve a whole host of things

A person may think that the only purpose for probiotics is to get over stomach troubles. Most people use a random probiotic from the grocery store because their doctor said to take a probiotic and it's cheap. In fact, all sorts of food are infused with probiotics these days. ⁠
But probiotics are not all the same. Believe it or⁠
not, probiotics don’t all contain the same strains. The truth is that probiotics don’t even all fit into the same category and a probiotic should do a lot more than just help with digestive issues.⁠
I was recently helping someone decide where to start with their gut health. I commented that it will be nice to get her beyond her discomforts so she can have fun with gut health. She was surprised I said “fun” and “gut health” in the same line. LOL In my opinion, gut health should go way beyond overcoming digestive and immune health challenges. ⁠
The gut is connected to everything.⁠
Here are some fun things about gut health:⁠
 Eating what I want when I got out with friends and family because nothing causes me digestive problems⁠
 Eating what I want and not gaining weight (I do cheat meals. I don’t eat crap all day every day)⁠
 Dropping 4 pant sizes in a year and finding out I may actually still have abs⁠
 Increasing muscle without having to eat 250 grams of protein every day⁠
 Going outside in the Spring and Summer and not dying of allergies⁠
 Feeling better and being happier⁠
A probiotic won’t offset consuming garbage all day. That’s true. But a probiotic should definitely contribute to helping one overcome poor lifestyle habits (i.e., sugar cravings and a large appetite).⁠
The gut controls how one responds to food, the metabolism/fat burning, cravings, appetite, nutrient⁠
utilization, the immune system (thus allergies), skin health (Gut-Skin Axis), and mood (Gut-Brain Axis).⁠

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