Need help with smelly gas? - gut health, probiotics, digestive enzymes

Smelly gas anyone? Just like addressing bloating, addressing gas can take some time because the way to help it needs to be triangulated and provide a broad coverage of gut issues. ⁠

A quick way to address smelly gas is to reduce proteins, beans, and sulfur-containing vegetables as well as increase the use of enzymes for breaking down meats and other foods. For some people on a high protein diet this may mean using a robust full protein enzyme blend (Digestive Enzymes) and for others it may be the use of FODMAP enzymes (Bloat & Gas Relief). ⁠

When introducing new supplements that are changing the composition of the gut and are fermenting differently cause stinky gas for a few weeks? Absolutely. ⁠

If you would like to be able to eat those foods without all the foul smells this is possible by:⁠
✔️ increasing short-chain fatty acids⁠
✔️ changing the bacteria composition in the gut so that you respond to fiber differently⁠
✔️ increasing your own production of enzymes (with help from probiotic strains found in Ultimate Probiotic)⁠
✔️ helping correct bacteria imbalances while boosting beneficial microbial diversity⁠

If you have a super healthy gut does that mean that loading up on dried fruit won't cause smelly gas anymore? No. It means the amount of fruit you can eat without smelly gas will increase. At the end of the day, what we consume matters. ⁠

If your gut is a complete wreck with all sorts of problems (along with stinky gas), please ask for a protocol. Send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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