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Mood is connected to gut health-psychobiotics, probiotics, mental health

Believe it or not, mood is definitely connected to gut health.⁠
The science on gut health is pretty clear. The gut affects the brain (Gut-Brain Axis) and when the gut is healthy so can our attitudes towards life be healthy. ⁠
Our mood is affected by our gut health. Driving all the bad things out and increasing all the good things in the gut is the first step. Probiotics and immunoglobulin/antibody concentrates are a great place to start for this. ⁠
At the right time there are actually specific probiotic strains that target the reduction of stress and promote a better mood. These are called psychobiotics. It sounds crazy, right? But it's true.⁠
Please don’t forget that one of the purposes for pursuing gut health is happiness. ⁠

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