Metabolism, weight loss, & the microbiome-probiotics, prebiotics, SCFAs

Data shows that 90% of people that start a weight loss program and lose weight will regain that weight back and usually add more weight within 5 years.⁠

When it comes to weight loss, extreme diets only seem to help short-term and in the end, hurt your microbiome.⁠

We believe that supporting your microbiome is the key to revving up your metabolism to change your body composition.⁠

Per a recent study, a probiotic with Bacillus strains changed the human metabolism by increasing bacterial diversity over a 3 week period.⁠

Such changes include:⁠
⬆️ Propionate (Short-Chain Fatty Acid) levels⁠
⬇️ Lactate levels⁠
⬇️ Ammonium levels⁠

Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA's) are involved in human metabolism and influence appetite regulation, energy expenditure, and glucose homeostasis.⁠

Thus, probiotic treatment can increase SCFA's in the human gut to support weight loss.⁠

Study ➡️

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