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Is Skipping Breakfast Killing Your Diet?

Posted by Silver Fern™ Brand on

“To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast,” that is the question. Many people doing intermittent fasting choose to skip breakfast, and they are seeing great fat loss results. Other people, like myself, that love intermittent fasting and breakfast choose to eat from 7 am to 3 pm most days. I have seen amazing fat loss results doing this. I continue to eat breakfast and do intermittent fasting. So, what is the deal with breakfast?

According to Salon.com’s recent article, Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Well it depends, there appears to be a lot of breakfast confusion. Many argue breakfast is an absolute to be healthy and manage a healthy weight.  Do we really need breakfast every day? Here’s what Salon.com had to say:

“There are numerous studies to support Ivy’s claim. One 2009 study conducted by the Institute of Population Health monitored the breakfast habits of more than 1,500 Canadian pre-school children. The authors concluded that eating breakfast every day ‘“is associated with having a healthy body weight, likely due to a more even distribution of energy intake across meals throughout the day.”’

“Nutritionist Adda Bjarnadottir agreed that pro-breakfast studies are largely observational. “’Chances are that breakfast eaters have other healthy lifestyle habits,’” she said. “’For example, people who eat breakfast also tend to eat a healthier diet, with more fiber and micronutrients. On the other hand, people who skip breakfast tend to smoke more, drink more alcohol and exercise less. Perhaps these are the reasons that breakfast-eaters are healthier on average. It may not have anything to do with the breakfast itself.”’

“Although Bjarnadottir cited a 2014 Japanese study that found “’no difference in calories burned over 24 hours between people who eat or skip breakfast,’” she didn’t mention a critical fact: That same study also found breakfast-skippers who later compensated with bigger lunches and dinners had increased blood glucose — an indicator of diabetes. That’s a compelling piece of data that shouldn’t be overlooked by the anti-breakfast camp.” 

“Last year, New York Times food columnist Gretchen Reynolds looked at scientific support for the importance of breakfast and found it “’surprisingly meager.”’ She noted that, of the studies she looked at, “the largest and most provocative of the studies focused on whether breakfast plays a role in weight loss.” That study, which recruited 300 volunteers who were trying to lose weight, found little difference in weight loss between the breakfast-eaters and the breakfast-skippers.”

Perhaps the link between breakfast and obesity is not causational, and even a bit overblown, especially considering the unique lifestyle and genetic factors that are involved with each individual. But what about the impact of skipping breakfast on cognitive function? That connection appears to be far less studied. A recent search of academic articles on Google Scholar turned up many more papers investigating the relationship of breakfast and obesity (78,100), diabetes (103,000) and heart disease (177,000) than on breakfast and cognition (37,000).”

Read the whole article here: http://www.salon.com/2016/11/12/breakfast-may-not-be-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day_partner.

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